Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was so much fun this year! I love our back yard so I was really looking forward to hiding eggs and having Riley look for them. We had dinner (really more like late lunch) at my mom's house then dessert at our house. I did decorate-of course-but most of the stuff was from Riley & Kira's birthday parties. Everything else was from the dollar store. It is amazing how much cute stuff you can find at the dollar store. :)

For desserts we had a TON. I made mini cheesecakes, mini brownie bites (if you ever try to make these use cupcake liners!), chocolate dipped strawberries and pineapple lush. I also had mini lemon cupcakes from the store and my mom made a bunny cake that was strawberry cake w/berry filling. YUM. We had lots of easter candy in addition to all that! So it was a total sugar rush type of party!

We had four kids for the egg hunt and that was the perfect amount. Well, five if you count Kira but she wasn't looking for eggs. She just liked being out in the yard. :) We had a LOT of eggs hidden...I think around 120? They were all plastic and filled with either jelly beans or bubble gum. We had a couple packs of larger size ones that were filled with little toys left over from the bday party pinatas. I did have one egg with a dollar bill in it, and the oldest kid found it so that was appropriate. Next year I'll probably have to put a $5 out there

So the next birthday we have at our house is Daddy's, May 20. I found some cute Scottie dog decorations (for $1 of course) to put up but I don't know if I'll go "all out". {who am i kidding?}

Monday, April 4, 2011


You are ONE.

Plus a few days. :)

You aren't walking on your own yet. If you have something to hang on to you're really fast, but you haven't taken more than one step on your own yet.

You love music. If anyone is even humming a tune you start dancing. Another thing you love to do is dance!

You are the best eater! I don't think I've given you a food yet that you didn't like. This pleases me to no end because your older brother is Mr. Picky and has a very short list of foods he will eat.

You wear size 18-24 month clothes, but the 18 month stuff is starting to get a bit snug. You wear size 5 diapers.

You like to talk all day in your own baby language. I adore your little angel voice!

I am so lucky to have a daughter and a son. You both make my life so wonderful and I hope I can do a great job being your mama!