Monday, June 27, 2011

Party! Party!

So I have been visiting all the tea much fun! The only problem is my laptop is being fussy and I have to do everything on my it's not that easy to leave comments all the time. If you want to check out all the madness head to vanessa's party at A Fanciful Twist, she's got all the links up this week. Vanessa's party was the best, of course!! She has a beautiful little cottage for us to use, I hope my Mr. builds me one just like it someday! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

♥our Mad Tea Party ♥

a very Merry UN Birthday to you! I am so sorry to be late to the party, but that's how things happen in the Arizona desert...we take our time...(do you believe that?)


of course our tea is Iced Tea...when it's over 100
° outside you need that ice!

the tables are set for the tea party!

The Mad Hatter was kind enough to set up shop, take whatever hat tickles your fancy.

The Mad Hatter himself!

We have lots and lots of teacups....

....and lots and lots of sweets!

The Red Queen is upset because she wanted white chocolate
covered strawberries, oh dear.


i had a little Cupcake wine with my tea and sweets, why not?

the outdoor bed is the perfect spot for reading a book or taking a nap

we ate and drank and danced all night...

It was such a great party, my dancing shoes slept on the lawn.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

of all the days

The day I picked for our tea party is also the day that everyone else picked for every party ever. I'm still having my party though, I don't care. I don't care if it's just me and Riley and a bunch of cupcakes & tea...the party is going to be fabulous. I'm going to set up a "hat shop" because we have a weird amount of hats and I have a TON of ribbon. Yes I said TON. My goal is to make everything decorations wise using stuff I already have. I have so much craft stuff it's ridiculous so it's not really tough. I've covered alot of things with glue and paper this week :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

paper bag album

I have been trying to make more books is really hard to find the time between Riley, Kira and the housework that never ends. But I have completed two Disney vacation themed ones of which I gave away in Disneyland! It was so cool. In the lounge on Mousewait people give away stuff all the time. Sometimes it's people in the park giving away Fast Passes, or sometimes it's people at home who just like sending Disney stuff to other Disney lovers. So I decided I wanted to give away one of my books and it was so fun. I was afraid no one would be able to find me, but the person who got the book found me within two minutes of me posting my location in the park! Must have been meant to be :)

This book is currently waiting to go to it's new home. It is 6x6 inches and has ten pages, plus three big tags to decorate with your photos and jounaling. There's also two envelopes to hold little extra stuff from your trip like ticket stubs or fortunes from the Penny Arcade.

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page:

Bibbity Bobbity Books