Thursday, May 27, 2010

I ordered some scrapbooking paper SIX DAYS ago and I think they just sent it out yesterday. There aren't very many scrapbooking stores in Phoenix. The closest one to me is about 30 minutes away, and it's not the greatest. So I have to order most of my supplies online. I love being able to look for hours in my comfy clothes, but hate having to pay for and wait for shipping. I've ordered from this place a couple times in the past and this is the longest it's ever taken.

I'm extra antsy to get this order because I have a TON of custom books to work on! :) Right now I'm finishing up two books for a pair of sisters, then I have four baby books and a vintage carnival theme to work on. Lots of books, lots of paper, lots of scrapping going on!

Kira has been sleeping better at night. She still gets UP most nights but every few days she'll go until 5am and I consider those nights 'sleepin in'. Isn't that crazy!? The other night I had to take Kira for a walk in the stroller to get her to calm down. It was about 11pm by the time I was coming back, and I saw two girls walking to their car in the parking lot, all dressed up to go out. That used to be me-my nights used to start at 11pm lol! Now if I had a night with no kids I'd probably be fighting to stay awake till 11pm, ha!

Monday, May 17, 2010

2 annoying things

Ok I know the blog world is supposed to be all positive & happy & stuff but sometimes stuff bugs me. So I decided to put it out there for all the world to see. Like anyone gives a hoot anyway, right? ;)

The first thing is blogs that have music on them. Sometimes I'm sitting right next to a sleeping baby when I'm online. Having a classic 80's tune suddenly blast out of my computer is not the best way to keep baby asleep! Since people can put their players wherever they want I have to scroll all over the place to find it and shut it off. I usually keep my speakers on mute for this reason. It's also annoying if I happen to be listening to something at the time, it's like "trainwreck!" If you weren't a raver in the 90's you might not know that 'trainwreck' is what it's called when a DJ has one song on then he tries to mix in another one but it doesn't match up...and it sounds awful...that's a TRAINWRECK.

The other thing that irks me is when people post lots of pictures but they're all just people posed and smiling at the camera. Like "Me with my friend" "Me with my husband" "My husband & his dad" "My mom & the kids" Maybe it's interesting if you actually know the author in real life, but aren't blogs usually read by people that don't really know each other?

It's not like I'm going to stop reading blogs because of any of this. I love blogging and I think this is only the beginning of the whole blogging universe...but sometimes you just gotta vent. Right now I have to go hold a little Princess who is having a bit of a freak out. She gets mighty loud when she's not happy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

too big too fast

Kira rolled over today! I think she's done it a couple times already but can't be sure. I've put her down, walked away, then come back and I swear she's flipped over...but maybe I just put her down that way and I forgot. But this time she did it right in front of Riley and me. She was on her back, she rolled over on her side and plop! she was on her tummy. For some reason I got all's exciting when babies do things even though they all do the same stuff! But then I realized this means she'll probably crawl earlier, walk earlier, and learn how to say "just go away mama" faster! I feel like she's on hyperdrive she's growing so fast.

"real" "housewives" of NYC

I quoted "real" and "housewives" because there's nothing REAL about these shows and none of the women are actual housewives...but I watch the stupid thing anyway! ha! The OC version of this show is the only one I have watched from the beginning and watched every season. NYC I watched most of the first season but got bored pretty quickly with the second, same with Atlanta. I haven't watched any of the New Jersey show. I'm kind of sick of all this New Jersey crap being flung everywhere these days. The best show about New Jersey was The Sopranos and that is done forever. ANYWHOO, this was supposed to be about the "real" "housewives" of NYC's latest episode.

This show has turned into a 45 minute cat fight. Every week the "ladies" are at different parties, restaurants or bars either talking about each other or fighting with each other. This week was pretty much the same except for two things that made it so much more enjoyable: Jill Zarin was not featured much and they were fabulously DRUNK for most of the fights. It's probably terrible of me to get such a kick out of watching these chicks get wasted together, but they were damn entertaining! The best part of the episode is when they make it to a Hooters Yacht, or some dude who works for Hooters owns it, not really sure what the deal was with it...but since it had something to do with Hooters Sonja is randomly blurting out "Can I see some HOOTERS please?" "Where are the HOOTERS?" to no one in particular. I really like the new "housewives" Sonja & Jennifer, but that's another story.

The rest of the episode had Countess Luann working on her song and avoiding kissing her "friend" Court. All I can say about that is money can't buy you cla-hass (thats how it showed up on my closed captioning!).

Not sure what planet Kelly is from. I guess she must have been super hot when she was younger to get away with saying all the weird ass shit she says. Saying "Bethany likes to make people feel bad so she can feel good" or something to that effect while Bethany was sitting RIGHT THERE was so crazy! Saying Bethany is a cook and not a chef, then saying "I don't know if she's a cook or a chef" 30 seconds later...she's just too much.

And finally, I think every episode should end with the girls dancing to 1960's Laugh In type music. Dancing like maniacs. Bring on the pinot grigio!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

sassy pants

Oh my gosh, Riley has been too much lately! He's going to be spending all his time in time out the way he's going. He's three so I guess this is what they're like. He also just went from being the only star in the show to sharing everything with his little sister who is very cute. I feel like I just have to take it all one day, one hour, one minute at a time!

My dad is supposed to be taking him to the park this afternoon, so hopefully he will come home tired and worn out. He's been staying up WAAAY too late the past couple weeks and I just cannot do it anymore. Scott works long ass days too, so when he comes home he basically gets into bed. It's not like when he comes home I get to relax while he takes on the kids. *sigh* I love being a mother but it would be nice to get paid for it in money and not just kisses.

Friday, May 7, 2010

baby powder

I am cleaning baby powder and it's not fun. Last night Riley used his little desk chair to climb up on top of his dresser to get this thing of baby powder and two tubes of balmex and had a great time in his closet for an hour while we thought he was asleep. He comes into our room at about 10:30pm and was all "Hi mama! Hi daddy!" I could see that his arm had something on it, it looked like chalk. But then I could smell baby was a fun night.

Today Kira is one month, one week and one day old. When she wakes up we're doing some pictures! We're going to dinner with my dad tonight so that should be an adventure. Going out with a three year old is always an adventure!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've been a bad blogger, but that's because not a whole lotta has been going on around here. Life is pretty much what I can do between feeding Kira. I did get a paper bag album finished last week, that was an accomplishment! I'm working on two custom books right now that are both going to be super girly.

Kira is getting big way too fast. I feel like she's not even a newborn anymore! The fact that she's my last baby ever is always on my radar. I want her to stay tiny but I guess babies just don't work that way. She loves to sleep on her tummy which freaks me out. They've made such a big deal about tummy sleeping and sids it makes me think she can't lay like that for very long and I have to stare at her while she's doing it to make sure nothing happens. She's wearing a 3-6 month size onesie right now and it's not even that big on her.