Sunday, August 29, 2010

rough day

Today I had to Kira and Riley to church, and it was not all that successful. I woke up late but managed to get myself and Riley ready, and Kira all dressed, and we were on the road in time...but about halfway there I realized I left the diaper bag @ home. When you have a six month old, you kind of can't be "out there" without your essentials-diapers, wipes & bottles. Especially if said six month old is teething and really hates having a wet dipe. So I kept going and hoped for the best. The last time I brought her to church she was perfect and fell asleep as soon as the service started. This time I didn't get so lucky. I only got to stay for a bit of the service because she really started fussing and crying. She was wet and hungry, what can ya do. Stuff like this has to happen so you learn what to do in the future. Or what NOT to do.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

peas please

Today Riley said something to me I was hoping he wouldn't say until he was about 15..."I'm bored mom". So we called Grandma and took a trip to the mall. The mall we went to has a Costco attached to it so we ate lunch there. Well, I ate pizza, Riley had yogurt and Grandma had ice cream. Kira tasted the yogurt and ice cream and was delighted! I am so happy she seems to already love food. Riley has always been a totally picky eater and I'm hoping his sister is the opposite. Riley played and played and played in the kid's area until he got thirsty, then we went to the food court for some drinks. They have a carousel there and it has been free this week, so we took a spin. Grandma held Kira on one of the benches and Riley and I rode horses. Well, he chose the Zebra, his favorite one to ride. I haven't ridden a horse on a carousel in a LONG time so it was interesting.

Later on Kira was fussing so I decided to give her some cereal, but she was totally not into it. I could tell she was saying "this is too boring mom". So we tried some peas, and she liked em! She ate a good amount and I was very proud. She got peas everywhere around where she was eating, which happened to be on my bed...I guess I should have thought about a better location for our first peas but oh well. I don't own anything that can't go into a washing machine :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

growing fast

Kira moved to size 4 diapers yesterday. Size FOUR!!!! This morning she sat up by herself. Just for a few seconds, but she did it. My widdle baby is just growing up too fast.

Another great big milestone in our house is RILEY IS POTTY TRAINED!!!! We used his last diaper last night and there will be NO MORE-WWOOOO HHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I just have to make sure he is always using the potty. If he's outside, he thinks it's great fun to whiz in the bushes. I guess it probably is fun for a boy, I wouldn't know...

We've been trying to find a PreSchool for Riley to get in to. We have Sunrise & Tutor Time close to us, but they are very expensive. They want you to pay for "full time" hours even though I only want him to go maybe 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. They'll let you bring your kid in however little you want to, but you're paying for 40 hours no matter what. I tried to get him into some of the programs at the public schools around us, but of course I was way too late. So if anything, I'll be first on the list for next year! ha

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kira-4 Months

Okay, I have not done a Kira monthly thing since she was what-one month old? But it's really hard to keep a blog up to date when you also have a Riley. Right now I hear something that sounds like newspaper crumpling in another room, and I'm scared to go see what it is. Kira is sleeping soundly like a little angel next to me, at least! When they're both needing attention at the same time, that's when you really feel like a mom!

So Kira, here you are at Four Months Old!

  • you weigh 14 pounds, 11 ounces
  • you suck on your fingers all the time. you're very drooly and I keep thinking you're teething but so far I haven't felt any little bumps on your gums.
  • your eyes are looking bluer or greener all the time.
  • you're starting to laugh, or make a sound that might be a far Grampa Rick is the one who can make you do it best!
  • we're going to start eating cereal & baby food this week. you've already tried the Frosty and you really loved it. i only gave you little tastes but you figured out to stick your toungue out for more real quick :)
  • you're a good sleeper, but still only about 4 hours at a time at night.
  • you roll over really good. you also creep on your tummy.
  • you have your talkative times where it seems like you're really telling us important news. you go on and on and on, and i just wish i knew exactly what you are saying!