Sunday, December 28, 2008

le sigh

I love Marie Antoinette, so of course I love these glasses from Potter Barn. They even match my Christmas stuff! I would love to see a bunch of them stacked up for a Champagne pretty and so very Marie!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

TWO trees

We ended up having two full size trees this year! My mom said hers was in the shed in our back yard, so of course I had to "ask" hubby to drag it in and put it up for me. It's alot bigger & fuller than ours and looks so much better in the living room with the high ceiling! I didn't think it would work, but I had more than enough ornaments to decorate both trees. The one in the living room is all jewel tones and "keepsake" type ornaments, the one in the family room is all red, green & gold stuff. It's kind of an angel/santa/vintage looking ornaments tree.

I really love both of them and the house is going to look so naked and bare when I have to take them down. :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

lesson learned!

So, I found out that people really don't like the word "Xmas". I was so excited about this new Christmas album while I was making it...I was imagining it selling faster than anything else I've ever sold on etsy. When I got to the front cover I was stuck like always. I am really bad at making the covers, I don't know why! It's my least favorite part. So I have these chipboard letters and I want to spell happy christmas. I like that expression better than "merry christmas", I don't know why. It reminds me of England and Harry Potter I guess. Anywhoo I didn't have any letters small enough to spell "christmas", so I thought if I cover them with enough glitter they won't care that it says 'xmas' and not 'christmas'. I love glitter, doesn't everybody else? So since I've had that book online, it's gotten over 100 views and still no one wants it. It's like the runt of the litter or something.

Okay, I get it, you have to say CHRISTMAS, and not XMAS.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my christmas stuff

I found Kimba's blog and she's hosting this fun open house party. I do have a few more areas to photograph, but it's already past 1am and I do need my beauty sleep.

Hope you enjoy, have fun partying! I am loving all these beautiful decorations!

p.s. Please keep in mind that I just moved into this house two weeks ago!! Yikes!

Ta da! The tree. It's very glittery and jewel tone-y (yes I know tone-y is not a word). Someday I'll also have a "grown up" tree but this is the third year I've done this color scheme and I still love it! I have a bunch of really shiny glass balls that are on the insides of the branches. In person it makes it look very colorful and kind of like a kalidescope. You can hardly tell they're there in pictures. Boo on my camera.
Oh, another little fun fact is our house burned down when I was about 18 and we lost all our Christmas ornaments. So that's why you don't see any vintage anything on my tree. This is something I get sad about every single year because I am a sentimental fool and I thought about putting those ornaments my tree w/my kids when I was little.

close up of my totally cheap star that totally matches everything.

a for aiden

baby riley and a chewbaca

i made this one

i made this one too

one of many 'baby's first christmas' ones...but i love them all!

probably my most fave

This is our "entryway" table. It's an old desk that I found @ Salvation Army and painted white. It needs a new coat of paint and some new knobs. Project! :) For now, I need to add some more Christmas stuff. It's hard to keep Riley away from that bowl of balls, let me tell you!
this little area is in the tv room

i love this star

this is our disco snowman (we have a disco santa too but I don't have a pic of him right now)

This is the guest bathroom. Yes that "love" garland is really for Valentine's Day and I have a beach towel hanging up. It all matches, so who cares?

The little Mr & Mrs Claus' were from the $2.50 area of Target.


In fact, this garland came from the $1 spot at Target too!

This is our linen closet. The doors don't quite of the many things on our to-do list. I'm pretty sure I got those stockings at Dollar Tree!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cookies, anyone?

Well, here is my attempt at felt cookies. I am NOT a sewer, I think that's pretty obvious. But they did come out pretty cute and I do want to make more stuff. I just used the felt I had laying around for these two.

As I write this it is 73­ยบ outside. I'm sitting here with my window open and I can see Lookout Mountain, I can hear tons of different birds tweeting and singing. It's pretty awesome. I know some people just can't imagine Christmas without snow, but I LOVE living here! Being able to go out barefoot in December rocks. It just does.

new location

I moved my blog because I figured the old name would be stupid next year so might as well move it now. So here we are! I have really been inspired over the last few weeks so hopefully you'll be seeing lots of updates from now on. I actually whipped something up today that turned out pretty cute...stay tuned for pics!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

more new books

I moved, and now I have my own craft room. I've spent a LOT of time in there the past few days, and this is what I've come up with! I made another Christmas book and another little girly one. I really like the way both of them came out. They're both in my etsy shop :)