Friday, January 29, 2010

i made em..and they weren't so good

These "passion pops" have been all over blogland since first put up the recipe. They look super cute, right? And they sound pretty yummy...caramel, vanilla wafers and chocolate are all up there on the list of yummy ingredients for sweets. So I made a few of these yesterday, and they didn't come out great. First of all, I didn't have sucker sticks. Or wax paper. So mine are cemented to the plate with chocolate. Then the carmel in the middle turned SUPER hard once it cooled off. So they're really hard to eat. Scott says they're still good but hard to eat. He's a man, what can you expect?

I think I'll have better luck with Oreo pops, like these from One more Moore...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have a big imagination so I expect my kids to come up with some crazy stories. I didn't think they'd be starting this early though! I just scolded Riley for letting his sippy of milk drip on the floor. I said if he does that then we'll get mice in our house because they love to drink milk off of floors (they like cheese, why wouldn't they like milk?). Riley's response to that was that he'd catch the mouse with a net. I asked what he'd do with the mouse once he caught him...he said he'd catch a bird (with the net again) and then the bird would fly away with the mouse. I don't know where he got the idea that birds can fly with mice, I was thinking he saw some "birds of prey" thing on Animal Planet somehow, but he said they would fly away together and play in bubbles together. Sounds fun! Only an almost 3 year old could come up with that!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's official

I'm huge! I am now wearing a pair of pajama pants that are too big for my husband, and they feel fabulous. I bought him these pj's the first year we were dating. He's a tall skinny string bean and they're XL, way too baggy for him. They look like clown pants. But for this short, round pregnant woman they feel great! I now have two gigantic pairs of pajama pants that look like they belong to Meatloaf. But they belong to me & my big ol' belly.

I had Riley at 36 weeks so I could be seeing my little girl in as little as 7 weeks. I don't want her to be born that early though, because then she'll probably have to stay in the NICU and I really don't want that! I want her to be able to come to my room in the hospital and I want us to leave at the same time.

Today I was just super tired. Luckily my mom popped in around noon-got to see my big pants because I had yet to get dressed-and took Riley to her house for the afternoon. Since Scott works such long hours and Riley only sometimes takes naps I don't really get that much alone time anymore. I played on the computer, took a looong shower and got to scrap a little bit. Then when he got home Scott took over and I actually took a little nap-a miracle!

This week I have to do the glucose test-not looking forward to it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

29 weeks!

Apparently Kira is the size of a butternut squash this week. I had heartburn again a couple days ago...that stuff is ROUGH! I've never had a problem with it in my life so even recognizing it as heartburn is new to me. The name HEART BURN makes me think you should have a burning feeling in your heart...but I also feel like I need to throw up. Luckily I've found that Rolaids Chewables work pretty well. I just don't like to use them because they're medicine and I'm weird about using medicines during pregnancy. Even though I have no problem drinking a Coke everyday! Crazy I know.

It's been raining in Phoenix and that is very unusual. It's rare for us to get more than one day of rain in a row. It's been about three days of cool temps and grey skies and I am just about done with it! I do like the rain but in very small doses. I'm ready for my warm enough to not need a jacket weather to come back!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

super awesome giveaway

Well honestly I don't really want to be shouting about this giveaway from the mountaintops, because I want to win, but blogging about it gets you FIVE extra entries so I'm going for it! I would only do this for something I really really wanted to win, and the prize is so freaking awesome! It's maternity clothes! From a really cool and actually STYLISH site! And you get to pick THREE items!! How awesome is that???

The giveaway is by Shannon at Potamus Prefers. Nuka is giving one Potamus reader the chance to choose three items from their store. I'm over halfway done with this pregnancy but there's still a long way to go, and I am CONSTANTLY looking for cute clothes to wear with this body. It's really really tough! Yes you can wear strechy pants and loose tops but sometimes you want to I don't know, actually look nice? Or feel like you look cute? Not just a person with a ball attached to your front? So I am excited to find a site like Nuka because all their stuff is stuff you'd actually love to be seen in.

Monday, January 18, 2010

i love this guy

"I just really want to go to The Olive Garden."
Taylor Lautner, on what he'd do if the paparazzi weren't around

As if being totally cute and sexy weren't enough, he likes the Olive Garden. I would even share my alfredo dipping sauce with him!

Friday, January 15, 2010

28 weeks

Twenty-eight weeks and feelin' fine. I'm tired, but what mom isn't. I have a two year old, I think I'd be saying "I'm tired" even if I wasn't pregnant. Especially when that two year old has decided he'd rather not take a nap and just plays plays plays all day!

My cousin Brandi asked this week what I'd like for my baby shower. Although this is our third baby this is my first shower ever. I am really excited! It's going to be Valentine's weekend, my favorite holiday. I wish I could do the decorations but I guess that's not "allowed". I made a registry on and but they're both pretty short! With Riley I went crazy with the registering for stuff. I had pages and pages of stuff! This time around I know what we really need, and we do have most of the big stuff anyway. I'm not one of those moms who want everything to match everything else. The baby doesn't give a rat's hind parts if her stroller and car seat aren't coordinated with her binkie clip...hopefully she won't want a binkie come to that. Riley never wanted one so that was one less thing we had to worry about 'breaking' him from.

We've been reading the book "I'm A Big Brother" before bed. There's a page where the big brother is holding the baby and feeding her a bottle. I wonder if Riley will just try to take the baby like that when she gets here? I am so curious to see how he reacts to a new person in his world, and one who is going to have so much of mama's attention. It's been just me & him (& daddy) the past almost three years. It is going to be such a change!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this boy...

I don't know why this kid makes it so difficult for me to get a picture of him...

I guess here he's thinking "if i can see her, she can see me and that's good enough"

At least I got one smile!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

27 weeks

Well I had this long post yesterday about how I was spending my "day off", but I pressed something that made it all disappear! I'm still trying to figure out this new computer. It seems to have it's own mind when it comes to hot keys. Last night I thought I turned them off, but it's been acting wacky again today so I guess that wasn't successful.

At any rate, I am now 27 weeks! According to thebump, Kira is the size of an eggplant. Personally, I feel like I've passed a bit of a milestone because I made it past 26 weeks. Twenty-six weeks is how far along I was when I had Aiden. Some babies do survive being born that early, but my precious son was not one of them. So it's a bit of a scary time for me being pregnant right now...the entire time I'm pregnant I'm wondering if everything's going okay but making it past 26 weeks is kind of a big deal for me. I am still going to be trying not to worry until she's here and healthy, of course.

I've been noticing how fat my face is getting. I didn't really think it was happening yet until we took those pictures on New Year's Eve. Of course it really doesn't matter what I look like, I'm pregnant and that is beautiful...but I am a Scorpio and I'm vain and I'm hormonal so if I want to lament over my fat face I guess that's okay. I was looking at maternity clothes websites and most of those models have the heads cut off. Is that because the models are not really preggo and I'd be able to tell by their non-preggo faces? Or are they really preggo and their faces are too fat to be shown? Which is it PeaInThePod and Motherhood??? Either way, I take offense.

Now I'm off to clean the house so it can get messed up one more time. Yay for Saturdays!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stray cat strut

Here in Phoenix there is a big stray cat problem. Pretty much anywhere you go you'll see a stray kitty or two just roaming's pretty sad. We live in an apartment and there are about five cats we see walking around that we're not sure if they're strays or just outside cats on the prowl. One kitty in particular seemed to live in the bushes in front of our apartment. I call her a 'she' but really I have no clue if it's a
boy or girl because she won't let us touch her and I've always felt it was kind of rude to look at a cat like that.

We started leaving food outside for this kitty which I started calling Black Cat because guess what-she's black! There's also Skinny Black Cat, Grey Kitty and Fat Striped Cat walking around out there. Anyway, black cat would
wait for us to totally leave the food alone
before coming to eat. If we even opened the door to go outside while
she was there she'd take off like a rocket. Eventually she would kind of hang around as we were leaving the food out, like sit there at a distance but still not getting anywhere near us.

When it started getting cold I made her a bed on our porch. Just a box with some old blankets but I felt really bad that she was out in the cold all the time. She started sleeping in it right away, so I guess she liked it! After that she got a little more friendly and would not orally take off if we came outside to feed her. She still wasn't approaching us but at least she wasn't completely heading for the hills the second we made a move around her.

Last week I guess she got brave because I found her walking around our living room! Oh yeah I don't think I've mentioned that we do actually have a cat of our own, an orange Tabby called Jax. Jax & Black Cat are total BFFs. So maybe he's been telling her we're a nice family and she should join us. We have a kitty door so Jax can come & go as he pleases and this is how Black Cat came in. The first few times she would of course make a mad dash for the exit as soon as she spotted us. Now it's been about a week and she'll come in, eat, sleep in the new bed I gave her (an old doggie bed but it's really cushy) as long as we don't try to pet her. It's been months of feeding her, she sleeps either on our porch or in our living room but she's still too scared to let us pet her.

I wonder how long it will take before she lets us snuggle her? Will it ever happen?