Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zoo Day!

Today there was an event at the Phoenix Zoo for family teams of the March of Dimes. Scott and I started our own team in 2006 after we lost Aiden but I've been doing Walk America since I was in high school. I'm not the only one in my family who has had a premature baby or issues with fertility so I've always liked the idea of raising money for healthy babies.

Today they had free admission to the zoo and a little lunch, and they had tables where you could get stuff for your team like stickers, coin boxes (to collect $), posters, all that kind of stuff. The lunch was supposed to start at 12 and we walked in at about 11:55. Of course every single table was taken and almost ALL the food was gone. My dad and I got the LAST TWO lunches on the table, and there was one bag of chips left. Pretty sad huh? I mean if it was going to start at 11 they should have said that...I felt really bad for all the other people that came in behind us looking for food and there was nothing left.

One thing I noticed is that there were NO familes in there that weren't white, except us. I wonder why more Mexican, Asian, Indian...ANYTHING else besides white aren't involved in March of Dimes. You'd think there would be more Mexican familes there since I live in Phoenix and there's such a huge Latino/Hispanic population, but it was just me, my dad and Riley. And Riley looks totally white. People always ask me if I'm Hawaiian or Italian, but I'm Filipino, Mexican and white. My dad is the Filipino & Mexican part, my mom's the plain ol' white. I hope I'm not offending anyone by talking about ethnicities...being "mixed" I've always felt totally confused by what I should "call" myself! I hate filling out any form where you have to check a box for race...cuz I can check 3. When Survivor did that season with the different races as tribes, I had no idea which team I'd be on! ha ha ha

So here's some pics from the zoo...the animals seemed to be in relax mode today, if we could even FIND them. There was alot of "What's in here?" "Where is it" "Is that it?"

I love this area...these little monkies can jump all around you, you're inside their cage. They are so cute!!!
This guy was showing off for everybody :)

I DON'T like the Orangutang habitat @ our zoo. It's basically just a big jungle gym in a concrete hole. Don't you think they need some REAL TREES & stuff?
They always seem to have a baby when I go though so that makes everybody happy! That little one was just all over the place, like little ones tend to do...
Is this not the saddest looking turtle you've ever seen?
Cheer up pal!

Me, some kettle korn and the giraffes.They have this big tree house with lots of Riley size furniture. He loved it!
And that's Grampa waiting at the end of the slide :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

*gooooo CARLA!*

Lea (in a baby voice): I don't know Hosea, what do you think we should do about it?
Hosea: Listen to me guys, I do this all the time back home.
Jamie: Your guy's ideas are just weird. I eat ravioli for breakfast.
Carla: Y'all are missing what your spirit guides are saying. Did you put enough love in there?

First off, up till now I thought she was Karla with a K but I will now spell her name correctly even though I think she should spell her name with a K! For some reason the letter K has always been kind of 'mystical' to me and if one word fits Carla, mystical is it!

Twenty minutes into the episode I totally thought it would be Fabio going home because they were showing him talk so much. Also they revealed that he wants to win to help his sick mama pay her medical bills. Usually they bring that kind of thing up in the beginning unless it's your episode to go home. Perfect example of this was Alex, this season...we didn't hear about his wedding until his last episode. All of a sudden he couldn't be a good cook because he was getting married. I'm pretty sure his new bride would have like him to come home w/$100,000, a feature in Food & Wine Magazine and a suite of appliances just like the ones in the Top Chef kitchen (yes I know Padma's opening by heart!).

But the main thing is CARLA WON!!!! She did a great job and was totally happy and confident cooking, and that equals winning on this show. I can only hope she continues her streak next week.

Look at what you can get on

I want one!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

two new pals...

Please meet Fetch and Leela. Fetch is honestly the word that popped into my head when I thought "What should your name be little pink one?" and Leela is obviously a tribute to Futurama, which is what I was watching while I made her!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"real" housewives of the OC

I say "real" because we all know this show is not real, and they aren't even "housewives". Not one of them is a stay at home, non working outside the home, home making mother. To me, that's a housewife. The only one who has ever been a true housewife on this show is Kimberly from the 1st season, who was smart enough to get the hell out of town after that 1st season aired.

This season I've been finding myself saying "Why do I watch this crap?" more and more during each episode. Well, I know why. I only have Basic Cable and Bravo reruns the shows 24/7. And like all train wrecks, you can't look away!

This week Jeana & Vicki go to Chicago together. Vicki won't bring her HUSBAND to Illinois, but she'll cart her dazed & abused girlfriend Jeana there to make sure that everyone knows she has people that have known her for longer than she's been on TV. How many times did Vicki say she had "her people" with her?????? How many times did I want to throw something at her????

BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on Bravo for making it look like Vicki was being slutty at the bar asking that guy if he wanted to buy her a drink...only to find out it's her old pal's husband and he's just as inappropriate as Vicki! Who the F kisses some woman on the lips and then kisses his wife? Is this what happens to married couples after 15-20 years??? Am I gonna be outrageously flirting with my friend's spouses because my love tank is depleted?? If you know me when I'm 40 and I act like Vicki, please beat me down.

Lynne and her horrible daughters, who really cares. Lynne has to be friends with them so bad that she'll let them dress like prostitutes (in her own clothes, so that's a whole other blog) and get DRUNK at their parties...with their front of their front of TV CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you say you don't condone drinking and then let your kid drink...the definition of condone is to overlook, forgive, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure. Um, that's pretty much what we saw last night, wasn't it?

Tamra takes her mom to get a facelift. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....if I wanted to see facelifts I'd watch Dr. 90210 and Kendra's mom did the make over thing on The Girls Next Door. I don't give a CRAP about Tamra's mom or her wrinkled face or how Tamra could be so broken up over her parents divorcing when she was 25. I was 4, most of my friend's parents are divorced...get over it lady. I'm sure we're gonna have to see Tamra have some teary discussion with her father next week. Yay.

Vicki & Jeana also visited Shane while on their Midwest vakay. Shane's still clinging to the one thing he's supposedly good at, baseball. On the way there to the game Jeana finds out that Shane isn't playing so for some reason that means she can't come to the game. Nevermind the fact that she's his MOTHER, flew however many miles to come see him (WITH VICKI), drove however long WITH VICKI to get to the ballpark, brought his girlfriend and brother to see him...but since he's pissed that he's not playing he feels it's okay to be a complete asshole to Jeana. And this is okay because it's the way his dad acted. And that's okay because of his head injury. But thanks to the internet we know that Matt was an asshole long before getting beaned with a baseball, so Jeana is just a big ol' doormat for anyone who wants to take a walk. I find it so ironic that her big intro line in the credits is "No matter what happens, I do it my way". If "her way" is to stay in an abusive relationship for 20 years and then allow her children to treat her like complete crap...her way stinks! I actually really like Jeana so seeing Shane AND Colton be so completely UGLY to her broke my heart. It broke even worse seeing how Jeana just sits there and laughs it off like it's nothing. Then explains it away in her little interviews...can someone smack her please???? She's got a huge house and lots of Sky tops but hardly any sad.

I left the most boring for last, Gretchen aka the sexy part of the show. Each week we have to watch Gretchen do something so she can get in a skimpy outfit. We've been to the lake, pool parties, a Burlesque party, a Yoga class where she wore a bra top (I've never seen anyone expose skin like that in any Yoga studio I've been in) and now last night...she and Jeff "might be investing in a gym" so Gretchen just HAS to get into a bra top to do Pilates! And of course use any and every opportunity to talk about her big ring, how sick her fiancee is, and how she needs/likes/hasn't been getting any sex. Why the crap was this girl asked to be on this show again??? There really weren't any ditsy drama loving attention whores that were actually MARRIED waiting to be in the cast? I liked Gretchen (sort of) until I saw her running around shoving her gaudy ring (that she designed herself of course) in the faces of her fiancee's children. I couldn't believe a woman who was supposedly in love would open her engagement ring w/out her fiancee. Shouldn't that have been a special moment for the two of them? Instead she chose to make it a "fun" scene for her reality show on TV. WTF. I'm sure next week she and Jeff might be investing in a "Gentleman's Club" and Gretchen gets a pole dancing lesson, then an oral sex lesson.

Watch what happens!

Look at me! I'm hot! I need sex! I'm fun! Did you know I haven't had sex in 8 months because my fiancee has leukemia and I'm the only one who takes care of him! I'm hot! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Yipee!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

aarrrgghhhh...ok maybe not

I was asked to create some boyish things out of felt, and this is what happened. I made the green one first, he's kind of scary...but the other two are just nice monsters, no arguing that. They remind me of "Happy Monster Band" on the Disney Channel.

Today I'm getting more felt (I don't really have any "boyish" colors) and there may just be some sort of GIVEAWAY happening...

Monday, January 26, 2009

it had to happen

I've been wanting to make felt breakfast ever since I started making these felt cookies. DH had to help me pick out the colors for the bacon. He was not pleased with ANY of the colors I had to choose from; he seemed to think I should have felt in every color of the rainbow. I don't even know if they make felt the colors he was asking for! He also didn't like my purple "jelly" on the toast, because he is a die hard strawberry jam man. When he saw it all arranged on the plate he admitted that it did look cute together, but he still wasn't sure about that purple felt.

Right now he's in the garage making me some shelves for my craft room so that's great!!! :)

This is a big bag of cookies going to two awesome twin girls in New Jersey!!

to Riley love Mommy

If you have a toddler and a TV you probably recognize these characters from Nick Jr or Noggin. I made this project with printables from the Nick Jr website, some floral ribbon and staples! I know there's probably a much fancier way to put this together but I knew Riley would probably want to touch/hold/scrunch up each strand so I didn't put too much into it. I'm sure someone else could make something way cuter! But Riley seems to really dig this one as it is. It's got HEARTS and all his favorite "friends"!

If you make something from that site, I would love to see it!

question for stampers/card makers!

From what I can tell, stamping and card making go hand in hand. I am not a stamper because I feel like scrapbooking is already an expensive enough hobby and stamping seems very expensive! You have to buy all those stamps, and then storage for all of them, ink, embossing stuff (i don't even know if that is still cool to use), heat tools...stamping is a world unto itself that I just haven't gotten into yet.

BUT (yes I'm starting a sentence with 'but'!) that doesn't mean I don't LOVE to admire what people create with all those things! I follow so many blogs of stampers/card makers because I am AMAZED at what they make.

My question is...what do you guys DO with all these cards? Alot of the bloggers I follow post a new card every day, sometimes more than one card or you give the cards to friends, neighbors & coworkers? Do you send them? How do you send a card in the mail when it has all that ribbon embellishment?

This is stuff I've always wondered about those beautiful cards and I'm hoping some of you out there can enlighten me.

Here are some beautiful creations by people I stalk--I mean admire!!!

Love is Warm and Fuzzy by Joanne B.

this is by Jennifer. Her blog is SUPER CUTE and she's having a give away right now too!

How adorable is this piggie! By Kraftin Kimmie

Yes, I totally love owls!♥♥♥ by Pickled Paper Designs

With everyone getting sick I thought this one was appropriate! By Anna at Sassy & Sweet. Her blog is really cool too, she posts pics of her farm all the time. She's got some cute chickens & cows!

This one would be good to give after the sickie one...everything about this card makes me happy....:) it's by Jessica at iEmbellish

I love the Wizard of Oz. How cool is that Yellow Brick Road? by Melanie

a Valentine cutie by Jody

The colors on this one are so fresh! by Jessica

And finally, a lovely love card in my FAVORITE colors! by Jen!

There are so many creative women named Jen, Jenn, Jenifer and Jennifer, don't you think?

it's an etsy party!!!

Bella Casa is having a big ol etsy party, with a HUGE giveaway. If you don't already love etsy check it out and don't blame me if you lose 7 hours looking at all the pretty stuff. Then go to Bella Casa and enter to win!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

tropic thunder

Okay, I'm one of those nerds who likes to watch a movie with the commentary on. I really like it when the actors are talking, sometimes I like it when the directors are talking. Some directors are totally BORING and some actors are really stuck on themselves! Mike Meyers and The Rock are two actors you do not want to hear on commentary.

Last night I watched "Tropic Thunder" w/commentary by Ben Stiller, Jack Black & Robert Downey Jr. Sounds good, right? RDJ (I'm not gonna type out that whole name) is in character as Lincoln Osiris most of the movie, and he is a F@CKING RIOT!!!! It was almost more entertaining than the original movie. I highly reccommend it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Top Chef!

Let me just say a big PHEW!!! My girl Karla is hanging in there for one more week! I don't see her staying much longer but I'm glad she made it this far.

Lea & Hosea...ew. Just EW. It's one thing to flirt and touch inappropriately when you're really young and NOT BEING FILMED ON A TV SHOW, but these two are "grown a$$" adults who ARE on a tv show. Seeing Lea grab Hosea during the Quickfire just made me go "GROSS!!!" because I know they both have significant others. Then they end up making out and we had to listen to Lea baby talking about how comfy Hosea's body is to sleep on. At least they were both remorseful and bothered by it the next day.

During the challenge it was pretty obvious who was going to win. Having Fabio and Stefan on the same team-how could they lose? The cheftestants (i love that word and will use it as many times as I can) are always complaining about Stefan but I really dig the guy. He's been my pick for the winner from the start and he still is. The desserts he made sounded weird and delicious and looked DIVINE. Poor Karla and her chocolate spice cake and frozen yogurt. I guess she couldn't do apple pie again, huh? Her explaination of her dishes was so wacky and new age and fabulous. Her food sucked, but she was happy making it, so that's good enough! Ha!

Radika really sucked as the face of her team and deserved to go home. I couldn't believe she didn't create one dish! Just because she was the front of the house it's still Top CHEF, it's still a cooking competition...don't ya think you should still cook something?

Next week looks fun with the past Cheftestants coming to talk crap to the newbies. Isn't hazing fun??

Thursday, January 22, 2009

two new varieties

This is what I do during Top Chef.



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i found it!!!

It was really bugging me not knowing where I got that little girl image for that Valentine I made. Good lord that is horrible grammar but I've got crafts to talk about! Anyway, I FOUND IT! It was from Jessilyn's blog and here is the post with the tags in it. You can print out a whole sheet of them and make whatever your crafty little heart desires! There's also a free recipe card that you can print out. I am really into all of her designs...robot & hearts are two of my favorite things!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 love notes

I've been a busy little Cupid making Valentines! These are made out of paper idea I got from Tara. I'm only going to show two because the rest might be going to people who read this blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise!
I used one of my felt hearts & a cupid die cut from My Mind's Eye hereThe paper under the black cardstock is love, elsie :)
This little cameo image came from a blog, they were a free thing you could print out and I do not remember where I got them!!! If you know PLEASE leave a comment and tell me...thanks!

change is good!

I just finished watching the Inauguration like the rest of the world, and I am pumped! Go Obama! I'm not really sure what the next 4-8 years is going to bring, but I'm hopeful that it's going to be great! And I think alot of other people are in the same frame of mind...I do think lots of people thinking the same thing at once can make things happen. So we'll see...
In honor of our new Prez here's a bunch of col Etsy Obama stuff!

Cool custom painted sneakers by Dune Shoes, and they're less than $100!

Will Cakespy ever run out of clever ideas?!?!?

I'm really into Blythe, and I'm glad she's into Obama too! This print is by La Petite Pomme Frite. What a cute shop name!

I like this t-shirt because it's pink and brown :) From Outside of the Box.

This cool t is from Robot Luv's shop

The whole First Family! They're even dressed in the outfits they wore on Election Night. How cute is that. By Anthea Art!

O Balm ah! I dig the wordplay! by Theme Fragrance

This bag is so awesome and so out of my price range! It's at MABeL Handbags.

In case you were wondering, this painting by PAPERtoCANVAS is the most expensive Obama item on etsy as of 11:11 (make a wish!)am AZ time January 20, 2009.

Here's to the future!