Thursday, May 28, 2009

addicted? yeah that's me

About a week ago I started playing this fun little game on Facebook called Farm Town. You get a little plot of land, a little bit of money, and you grow "crops". You help your "neighbors" by watering and raking thier farms, and when the crops are ready you harvest for each other. Why is it so addicting? I'm not quite sure. I like seeing my little crops go from seeds to plants to full on fruits and vegetables. Yes, they're little graphics on my computer screen but it's still cute! Another huge chunk of the fun is the interaction with other farmers. If you're looking to be hired or hire someone, or just hang out you can go to the Inn, the Market or the Real Estate office. These are basically chat rooms filled with other farmers from around the world. When I get hired, I like to chat with the person who's farm I'm working on. It has been such an amazing experience getting to know so many different people from around the globe in such a short time. I've met girls in Greece, Australia, England, New Zealand...I've met guys too but this seems to be a more woman friendly game. I've noticed men will just go to work at the farm, say "thanks" and leave. I usually end up chit chatting long after the crops are harvested with the farm owner and 1 or 2 other ladies in the conversation.

If you're on Facebook and would like to get addicted yourself, I'd LOVE to have you as my neighbor! I love helping makes me proud! Happy farming!
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  1. Hello!You have an award, please free to grab it at my blog

  2. This sounds pretty neat, kinda like webkinz for kids......
    I'll check it out!

  3. My sisters and my mom are SO addicted that my Dad is thinking of planning an intervention!

    They forced me to join so that I could be their neighbor...something about plowing fields...but I have never done anything.

    I just can't get addicted!