Monday, July 25, 2011

just some babblin'

I am such a fan of all those "Outfit of the Day" blogs. (These are two of my favorites) It boggles my mind that someone can get someone else to take pictures of them every single day. I am jealous of people that get to put together cute little outfits every day. I am stuck in total MOM MODE 24/7. Jeans or capris, some sort of t-shirt and flip flops. Ok I do have a collection of cute little dresses but that requires leg shaving...some days I don't even GET a shower let alone a shower where I can shave both legs!

I'm not mad or anything, I know this time of my life is devoted to chubby little faces and butts and they don't care what I'm wearing. Riley tells me I'm "bee-uti-ful" all the time and that's great for me.

I do miss the days of shopping for an outfit, then shopping for shoes to wear with it, then maybe getting a purse and accessories....but I wouldn't trade my babies for shopping any day!

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