Sunday, June 15, 2008


I love the feeling of going to the Post Office and sending off books! I just put three little beauties in the mail. One for Becca, one for Ash and one that's a secret! I'll wait till she gets it to show it off, but it's a really cute little girly one. I just love getting to do anything pink and/or girly!

So the book for Becca is actually for HER friend Rachelle. I used dusty blues and browns and shades of light green. It was interesting doing a book that was half girly half boy-y. LOL But I do like the way it came out. It feels very sturdy cuz I used mostly MME printed textured cardstock. I LOVE THAT STUFF!!! I can't use just regular paper now...regular paper feels like kleenex to me after using all that yummy thick cardstock.

The book for Ashley is a wedding book. It's a "blank" one, and as usual I just don't know if it's good or not. I never feel 100% great about my blank ones! I like the feeling of making them 100% complete but oh well, what can ya do. Hopefully she loves it and it's a hit @ the Bridal Shower.

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