Thursday, June 19, 2008

etsy---creating keepsakes

I got my new issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine the other day, and I saw a project using cards from etsy shop living room floor. I buy stuff from her! I bought some tags for a project that I have yet to begin...but they're really cute! And I bought tags for my new shop from her too. I like her because she works in the same place I do...on the living room floor! I love that as a shop name.

Then in the same issue, I see some different tags I recognized, from every jot and tittle, who are in my favorites. Now I have even more of an excuse to buy some of these cute girly tags from them.

Seeing etsy artists in "real" magazines makes me so happy! It makes me think that maybe someday something I've made will be on the glossy pages of a CK too :)

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