Tuesday, March 10, 2009

etsy LUV!!!

I've been on a little etsy buying spree lately...wanna see?

This adorable elephant button is from UK seller zozo cards. I like the idea of buying something that has to cross an ocean to get to me, even if it's just a little button!

Eiffel Tower charms from twisted string.

My most favorite thing ever is this layered deer thing from a scrappy design! The second I saw this I was going 'click, add to cart'. I am so excited to get this, frame it and put it in my scrap room! The colors, the little deer, the scalloped circle...it's like it was made for me :) She has a ton of cute stuff in her shop and her prices are totally affordable.

Hope you've had some fun etsy purchases lately too!!


  1. I LOVE Etsy and that deer is adorable!!! Great finds!

    StampinMom :-)

  2. Those are great!! That button is ADORABLE!! Love the deer! I can't see a cute deer and not think of you!

  3. Jenn!! you are such a sneaky little stinker!! I LOVE the button! And I love that it had to cross an ocean to get to me!! Thanks so much hun!! Love ya!

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