Saturday, March 21, 2009


image via flickr

I've never tasted one of these little beauties but I'm sure they're heaven. I guess I've heard of them, but no one around here makes them, and I know I've never actually seen any like these in person! They sound a little challenging to make, so for now I'm on a quest to find them here in Phoenix.

They are so much fun to just look at, aren't they?

these are from bake it pretty. *LOVE* that blue filling color with the pink cookie!!!

These are from Tartlette. Aren't they just so spring-y?

These ones are grapefruit, sounds yummy!! I also love that polka dot napkin! It's all by black apple.

Here's a big tree of them in Paris! image via flickr


  1. Oh wow they look DELICIOUS... and the tiwere WOW!

  2. mmmm...tasty! Thanks for the heads up on the drink pict, I changed the post, and welcome to my merry band of stalkers.