Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been almost 2 months since I blogged here! I've been super busy with orders, still. That's pretty much what I'm doing when the kids aren't needing me for something, which is 80% of the time!

We are also MOVING! We're renting a house around the corner from my mom. So that will be great! It's actually a duplex, and has not really been renovated since the 80's so that's not the most attractive has a reall big back yard and a garage for Scott's tools which are two big things we wanted in a house. The way it's situated on the street makes the backyard kind of curve around, so that's cool. It has a big covered patio, another plus. There's a big round cement slab where they used to have a hot tub or something, so I guess we'll stick a little pool for Riley there. It needs major gardening & watering, but I'm excited to do that.

The inside is all FLAT white paint. So needless to say we will be painting the entire place. Riley wants a blue room, of course, and we're going to do a letter wall. Kira has her pink crib so I'm thinking about leaving her room white, or maybe doing a cinnamon type color. Her room is really small so I think it might be nice with a slightly darker color. Our room is going to be white, yellow & gray.

First thing I'm doing is having a yard sale because we have so much JUNK...and I need to buy new junk!

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