Tuesday, June 8, 2010

busy day!

Scott was actually off work for the day so I took full advantage. I got up and dressed and everything then took Kira for her first trip to Hobby Lobby. They have the scrapbooking stuff on sale 40% off this week so I had to go! I got a ton of cute stuff and spent under $30, woo hoo!

I came home and switched kids-took Riley to lunch at Burger King. They have one of those giant jungle gyms that he loves to climb in. We looked for some new shoes for him at Ross after that but that was a total bust. It's really frustrating how hard it is to find boy's shoes! AFFORDABLE boys shoes, I should say. There were tons of girls shoes but very few pairs of boys and nothing even close to his size. So he got a set of blocks instead. Of course he already has a set of letter blocks and thousands of letter flashcards...but he really really wanted more blocks! These are smaller than the ones he already has and came in a little tray on wheels so I figured what the heck. Now it's like he has uppercase and lowercase blocks. :)

When we got home he was ready for a nap. While he was sleeping I cleaned up and then worked on scrapbooks until he woke up. Scott suggested we go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner so off we went. This was the first time I've had the pizza there and it was not great. I think frozen pizza is better than that stuff, unfortunately! Riley had a great time playing the games and just playing with the kids in general. Someone was having a birthday party and the "real" Chuck E. Cheese came out (aka a guy in a suit). It was all exciting, ha!

We stayed there too late and it was a task getting Riley out of there and then into bed at home. So it was a long day, but a fun one.

Today, Riley is sick :(. He just wanted to lay on his bed and watch TV all morning. That is how I know when he's sick, because he's usually just go go going all day long. He fell asleep at about 5:30, that's another thing that just never happens!

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