Friday, January 7, 2011

beverly hills friday

here's some random thoughts about the show last night....

No idea how people put up with Camille and her constant weird-flirty-sexual-innuendo crap she does with any male. She kisses another woman's husband on the lips...while the wife is right there? It's just too weird.

Paul is very brave to push Adrienne in the pool like that. I would not want to be on Adrienne's bad side, that's for sure! She seems like she'd take her time getting you back and she'd be really good at it.

Like alot of people I don't buy Cedric's sad childhood story. Something just doesn't add up there...could be why he is now no longer on speaking terms with Lisa?

Taylor-how SAD was that shot of her standing there with her cake waiting for the car???? I have a hard time feeling bad for her because she chose who to marry...but it's not like people can't make mistakes. I know I've made more than my share-so maybe she thought Russell would warm up after a few years of marriage and now she's seeing that's not gonna happen. She seems to have her own sh*t together so I hope she's not staying with him so she can keep throwing $60k bday parties.

Kyle's party looked so fun. Her family is so gorgeous. When they were all taking pictures in front of that damask backdrop-beautiful. I want to steal that idea btw.

I really like the dresses Adrienne wore to each party. The purple was pretty and the white & gold was hot! She definitely has her own style in clothing and I just love that.

I did not know you could have Fatburger at your house! Taylor can eat a double with no problem...Russell needs to mind what he's got a little better.

Loved seeing everyone boogie. Adrienne's a good dancer. Kim and Kyle both swing their ponytails when they dance...I wonder if that's how you can tell their drunk? For instance I start calling everyone "baby" when I get drunk. If I call you that, you should take away my keys.

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  1. LOVE it! And totally agree! Didn't know lisa and cedric aren't on speaking terms though! Lisa is my FAV!