Thursday, February 17, 2011

can't wait!

Next month we're going to San Diego! Scott's cousin had some water damage to his wood floors so he's going to repair it and we're tagging along. We have tickets to Sea World AND the San Diego Zoo, I am so excited! I already know what I want to do @ the zoo, see the PANDAS! I could sit and watch the pandas all day long, even if they're just sleeping. I also want to see the polar bears and the hippos. That zoo is gigantic so we're going to have to figure out our route before we get there to minimize the whine-time from Riley. The double stroller will be getting a workout! So will mom & dad pushing it!

We're only going to be there three days but I am so looking forward to it. Being next to the ocean just makes me HAPPY! :)

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  1. So... It's a little late but What did u think about the Bev Hills Housewives finale?? Are you excited about Miami??