Saturday, February 12, 2011

so much fun!!!

I come from a big Mexican family and one of the best things about that is...birthday parties! Lots of kids=lots of bdays and lots of parties. Today started a weekly celebrations of kids that could last until the end of June if everyone decides to have a party for their kid(s). The party today was for Melanie, who is the daughter of my cousin's daughter, I guess that makes her my 3rd cousin. She turned 2 and it was a princess party, so cute! There was a bounce house and a pinata and a big castle cake that the kids were fascinated with. A bunch of the little girls arrived in their princess dresses but changed into more comfy bounce house friendly stuff pretty quick.

Kira wasn't having the best time for a little while when we first arrived. She seems to freak out a little when we go to parties in a new place. Even if I'm sitting right there she just cries and looks around like "I don't know this place! What is going on?" I don't remember Riley doing this...he's always been ready to get in there and party! Never met a stranger, that type of thing.

There was a pinata at the party and that was just so much fun. The thing was SUPER heavy and it wasn't easy to break, but that was good because it was so cute watching all the little kids hit it. I took tons of pictures but with my dad's camera so I'll have to add those in later.

The party today made me really excited for Riley's party in a few weeks! He wants a Toy Story theme :)

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