Thursday, February 21, 2008


My shop is now open! I have 5 things and I'm finishing another book tonight. I've been trying to promote my little ass off but it does get tedious after awhile, doesn't it? It's not doing any favors for my ass to be sitting here for hours on end either.

Today was a gorgeous day out though. Riley and I took a long walk in the neighborhood and just soaked up the sunshine. I can't believe in a couple weeks he will be ONE YEAR OLD! It's been said a trillion times but the time goes by so fast. I can't wait for his big birthday party! The little Prince is having a blowout, that's for sure.

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  1. I think (make that I know) I spend more time promoting my Etsy shop and my blog than I do creating jewelry. That's why I take a break every now and then and check other artist's blogs. It's become a new hobby of mine.