Saturday, February 9, 2008

hello new!

New shop, new blog. When I first signed up for etsy, I had no plans to be a "shop", so I chose a name that didn't really say anything. Then I came up with the idea "Posh Paper Bags", because I was selling paper bag albums. Then I started making other stuff, like bows & tutus & onesies and whatever else I feel like doing...Posh Paper Bags was too confining. So I just came up with "Crafted by Jenn" because I love the word craft and my name is Jenn, and there are millions of maybe that will give me some luck.

I have one new book to put in my new shop, but I think I'll wait until I have several things ready to go before my "grand opening". That's kind of exciting! :) For now, here's a bunch of Valentines I made for friends. I LOVE ♥ Valentine's Day!!

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