Thursday, December 11, 2008

cookies, anyone?

Well, here is my attempt at felt cookies. I am NOT a sewer, I think that's pretty obvious. But they did come out pretty cute and I do want to make more stuff. I just used the felt I had laying around for these two.

As I write this it is 73­ยบ outside. I'm sitting here with my window open and I can see Lookout Mountain, I can hear tons of different birds tweeting and singing. It's pretty awesome. I know some people just can't imagine Christmas without snow, but I LOVE living here! Being able to go out barefoot in December rocks. It just does.


  1. those look yummy :)
    Aww. I wish I was somewhere warm and sunny now! I'm not a winter person at all.

  2. Those ARE adorable...and calorie-free! ;) Perfect!

  3. wonderful blog.
    I am Italian greedy... slurp
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