Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our trip to Michigan was lots of fun! The first day was a little tense for me but after that it was all ok. I never did get to eat at Panera Bread, darnit! There is so much family to see that if we're there for a week, 7 days are booked up. Of course, we did spend one day doing absolutely nothing while Scott slept off the night before. We went out drinking & dancing on Thursday and it was a blast, but we did indulge way more than either of us have in a long time. Since having Riley I've drank maybe two times? So I was feeling very ew on Friday too but someone has to get up with the babies...why is it the men feel like they don't have to take care of the kids if there's anyone else there to do it? Or is that just my situation?

We did go to Klackle Orchards, and that was alot of fun. The place is so big and has so much to do, I would love a place like that around here because I'd take Riley every week! They had these pedal bike/car things that were so fun. We went on a Monday so it wasn't crowded at all, it was awesome. And it was a gorgeous day. The sky was brilliant blue, which is not every day in Michigan! Most of the time it's a depressing gray.

We're back now and things are getting back to normal. I never got used to the time change while we were there (it's 3 hours ahead) but now I feel weird too.

Time to do laundry!

Great Grandma's Garden

Pickeral Lake

Klackle Orchards

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