Thursday, May 19, 2011


Our trip was a blast, but I'm still tired! ha! I ended up getting sick on Mother's Day and wasn't feeling 100% when we left for CA on Tuesday, but Disneyland does something to me so I didn't really notice. It wasn't until we got home that my body decided "hey, we're sick!" For some reason this cold just doesn't want to leave me alone and it's getting obnoxious.

ANYWHOO, Disneyland was awesome. There was one bad thing, they closed at 8pm two of the nights we were there. I'm used to it being open until midnight so that was 4 hours lost! Yes I am a Disney addict!

Our first day I ran straight to the train station to see if we could get on the Lilly Belle. We got reservations for later that afternoon and I was so excited! If you don't know what the Lilly Belle is, you should find out. And if you're in Disneyland you should definitely ride it. It is an amazing experience. Walt's wife decorated the car after his death and the first person the ever ride it was the Emperor of Japan. I've ridden in the same car that an EMPEROR rode in, that blows my mind. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom rode it a few days before us so that was cool too. I may never get into Club33 so this was a good alternative.

Riley liked Toon Town the best in Disneyland. He just wanted to play in the little playground at Goofy's house all day long. He's still too little to want to stand in lines for the attractions, and he's too short to do alot of em anyway. We DID go on that water one in California Adventure and had the best time! It was so cute how he was just laughing the entire time as we're getting splashed and bumped around.

Going to Disney with two little ones means we didn't get to see nearly enough. We never got to see World of Color or Fantasmic, they weren't running any parades. So that just means we need to go back in six months for my birthday and do all the stuff we missed :) I think the Christmas decorations will be up by then and I've always wanted to see it at that time. All the lights!

Here's a ton of pictures!

Yup it's the Dinosaur from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Now a Christian themed attraction!

This is me making a sad face because the line for Minnie was closed. I wore that outfit specifically to get my pic w/her but I never caught her!

Mickey did not let me down!

This is us on the Lilly Belle

Oh one more thing...if you're planning a trip to Disneyland or WDW and have an iPhone, you must get this app immediately: Mousewait. It has all the info you need and more to make your trip easier and more Magical. Wait times for attractions, the closest restroom to wherever you are in the park, tips on where to get free refills of coffee (I don't drink it but many do!), tips on everything really! And it's free!

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