Friday, January 15, 2010

28 weeks

Twenty-eight weeks and feelin' fine. I'm tired, but what mom isn't. I have a two year old, I think I'd be saying "I'm tired" even if I wasn't pregnant. Especially when that two year old has decided he'd rather not take a nap and just plays plays plays all day!

My cousin Brandi asked this week what I'd like for my baby shower. Although this is our third baby this is my first shower ever. I am really excited! It's going to be Valentine's weekend, my favorite holiday. I wish I could do the decorations but I guess that's not "allowed". I made a registry on and but they're both pretty short! With Riley I went crazy with the registering for stuff. I had pages and pages of stuff! This time around I know what we really need, and we do have most of the big stuff anyway. I'm not one of those moms who want everything to match everything else. The baby doesn't give a rat's hind parts if her stroller and car seat aren't coordinated with her binkie clip...hopefully she won't want a binkie come to that. Riley never wanted one so that was one less thing we had to worry about 'breaking' him from.

We've been reading the book "I'm A Big Brother" before bed. There's a page where the big brother is holding the baby and feeding her a bottle. I wonder if Riley will just try to take the baby like that when she gets here? I am so curious to see how he reacts to a new person in his world, and one who is going to have so much of mama's attention. It's been just me & him (& daddy) the past almost three years. It is going to be such a change!

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