Tuesday, January 19, 2010

super awesome giveaway

Well honestly I don't really want to be shouting about this giveaway from the mountaintops, because I want to win, but blogging about it gets you FIVE extra entries so I'm going for it! I would only do this for something I really really wanted to win, and the prize is so freaking awesome! It's maternity clothes! From a really cool and actually STYLISH site! And you get to pick THREE items!! How awesome is that???

The giveaway is by Shannon at Potamus Prefers. Nuka is giving one Potamus reader the chance to choose three items from their store. I'm over halfway done with this pregnancy but there's still a long way to go, and I am CONSTANTLY looking for cute clothes to wear with this body. It's really really tough! Yes you can wear strechy pants and loose tops but sometimes you want to I don't know, actually look nice? Or feel like you look cute? Not just a person with a ball attached to your front? So I am excited to find a site like Nuka because all their stuff is stuff you'd actually love to be seen in.

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  1. I hope you win, CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY GIRL! your baby bump looks fab. GIRLS R SO MUCH FUN! p.s. i love that guy on your last post too. MAJOR HOTNESS... LOVE THE Twilight series... can't wait for Eclipse!