Wednesday, August 18, 2010

growing fast

Kira moved to size 4 diapers yesterday. Size FOUR!!!! This morning she sat up by herself. Just for a few seconds, but she did it. My widdle baby is just growing up too fast.

Another great big milestone in our house is RILEY IS POTTY TRAINED!!!! We used his last diaper last night and there will be NO MORE-WWOOOO HHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I just have to make sure he is always using the potty. If he's outside, he thinks it's great fun to whiz in the bushes. I guess it probably is fun for a boy, I wouldn't know...

We've been trying to find a PreSchool for Riley to get in to. We have Sunrise & Tutor Time close to us, but they are very expensive. They want you to pay for "full time" hours even though I only want him to go maybe 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. They'll let you bring your kid in however little you want to, but you're paying for 40 hours no matter what. I tried to get him into some of the programs at the public schools around us, but of course I was way too late. So if anything, I'll be first on the list for next year! ha

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