Thursday, August 26, 2010

peas please

Today Riley said something to me I was hoping he wouldn't say until he was about 15..."I'm bored mom". So we called Grandma and took a trip to the mall. The mall we went to has a Costco attached to it so we ate lunch there. Well, I ate pizza, Riley had yogurt and Grandma had ice cream. Kira tasted the yogurt and ice cream and was delighted! I am so happy she seems to already love food. Riley has always been a totally picky eater and I'm hoping his sister is the opposite. Riley played and played and played in the kid's area until he got thirsty, then we went to the food court for some drinks. They have a carousel there and it has been free this week, so we took a spin. Grandma held Kira on one of the benches and Riley and I rode horses. Well, he chose the Zebra, his favorite one to ride. I haven't ridden a horse on a carousel in a LONG time so it was interesting.

Later on Kira was fussing so I decided to give her some cereal, but she was totally not into it. I could tell she was saying "this is too boring mom". So we tried some peas, and she liked em! She ate a good amount and I was very proud. She got peas everywhere around where she was eating, which happened to be on my bed...I guess I should have thought about a better location for our first peas but oh well. I don't own anything that can't go into a washing machine :)

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