Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Riley!!!!

My baby boy Riley turned 4 on Saturday. We had a Toy Story party in the backyard and it was lots of fun. It was lots of work, and knowing we have another birthday party happening in two weeks leads me to the conclusion that this is the first and last time they will both have big parties the same year! Next year we'll just do something small for Kira and a BIG party for Riley because he'll be 5 and his birthday is on the 5th, so that's his Golden Birthday and there's 5 golden rings in the 12 days of Christmas...I just think it's cool that his Golden Bday is his 5th! After that we'll do one party for both of them until they complain about it or we don't feel like having parties anymore. Like that'll happen.

Now for some pics!

I love that a simple sandbox can keep them happy now...if only it was always going to be this easy....

My mom made this amazing Toy Story cake! It was her first time doing anything this fancy and I think it came out soooo cute!

Of course we had to have the Toy Story cupcake tower with cupcakes from the grocery store. For me, it's not a kid's birthday party if there's no fluffy sugary airbrushed icing involved.

Instead of beating the pinata with a stick, they pulled strings out of the bottom until the candy fell out. I was inside looking for the loot bags when they got the right one! :( But we're having another one like this for Kira's party so I'll make sure not to miss it. :)

I didn't mean for the iced tea thing to be in the background like this, but I'm glad it is because I love that thing! I'm thinking of reasons to have parties so I can use it!

This girl was a happy party baby, she turns 1 in just 21 days!!!! Impossible because she is my babydoll but I am excited to make a pretty pink party for her.

Riley and his best bud they're both 4! They discussed this alot that day. :)

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