Wednesday, March 30, 2011

kira's party

My sweet baby girl is one year old! I cannot believe it but the calendar says it's so. I have been planning her 1st birthday party since I was about 7 months pregnant with her. I saw the "Look Whoo's Turning One" stuff on and decided that would be the theme. I didn't want it to be too theme-y though so I only got a couple things with the owl printed on it. I did get the pinata because it's so cute and I can hang it in her room now that the party's over.
Grandma got her this adorable Costco! You never know what you'll find in that place! Her fairy godmother Jen made the bow to match her shirt.

I used a twin sheet as the backdrop for the cake table. Got it at Target! :) I spray painted a bunch of frames in raspberry and turquoise and had pictures of Kira through the year all over the place. The big picture in the middle is me holding her for the first time. My dad gave it to me that day so it's not painted ;)

a little DIY lollipop thing I made w/the Cricut and a Hobby Lobby k. I had to grab those candies from the $.99 only store because the matched perfectly! love that!

This cabana thing was one of my crazy ideas....but we have this weird structure in our backyard that was perfect for it. We thing the people who lived here before us might have had a bench in there? I found all the drapes in the garage. They were just collecting dust (and lots of it) so I washed em and staple gunned them up. We happened to have an extra twin mattress because Riley just got a new bed with a trundle, so I put that in there with the fitted zebra sheet. My mom spent a couple weeks making the pillows for me using the polka dot fabric and a bunch of Kira's flannel recieving blankets that we don't use anymore. I added some bunting from Target and a tissue paper ball from Polka Dot Market. I wish I had better pictures of it because it came out REALLY cute! I wish I could have it set up all the time but the sprinklers soak that area so it was a one day only happening.

Our adorable birthday princess enjoying her own cake made by Grandma.

I made the little owl banner w/the Cricut. We had pink raspberry lemonade, iced tea and the pop was in a tub from Walmart. It was the perfect shade of turquoise so I had to get it! I got the beverage dispenser from Fry's and it was under $20! I also saw it at Ralph's in CA.

This was the table set up a couple days later on her actual birthday (it's the 28th). I *love* those tissue hanging decorations so I had to have them out again! If it was appropriate to have them out every day of the year I would. I just want to live in a party store, ok?

And one more shot of my birthday girl! This was her real first birthday cake, made by me. I do wish I had spent more time making it pretty, but I'm sure she thought it was fine.

I love you baby girl!!!

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  1. Ooooohhhh! So so so CUTE! What an adorable party! I love her birthday outfit and hat! Hannah wore that exact same birthday hat when she ate her cake too ;)