Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Fun day. We woke up and watched the parade. I made green bean casserole and sweet potatoes w/marshmallows, those are "my" 2 dishes I make for every holiday meal. Kira wore a pillowcase dress my mom sewed for her, it was soooo cute! She sewed it all by hand. I asked her to make it and she said she would, but then her sewing machine ended up having to get fixed. She was an awesome grandma and sewed it all herself so Kira would have something adorable for Thanksgiving. I hope I can convince her to make another for Chrismas, ha!

After dinner we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was pleasantly surprised at how closely it followed the book. In most of the movies I'm sitting there going "that's not how it went" and this time I was not. Things were not changed around too much, they just cut things out all together. And they didn't make stuff up that never happened in the book. The bit with Harry & Hermoine kissing was nuts!!! I don't remember them being described as naked in the book but I suppose they could have been.

I do wish that JKR would write the story of what's happening at Hogwarts while Harry Ron & Hermoine are out looking for horcruxes. It could be about Neville Longbottom since he's kind of like Harry's twin.

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