Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Since today is a day where I'm thinking about what I've lost, I have been trying to concentrate on what I do have that makes me happy...

i'm thankful for....
  • the 26 weeks i got to spend with Aiden in my tummy
  • the six days I got to spend with my Aiden outside my tummy
  • my beautiful little boy and girl
  • my family is all (relatively) healthy
  • i get to be a SAHM and see my kids 24/7
  • the internet
  • wonderful weather in Arizona-no snow!!!
  • i live in a country where i'm allowed to do whatever i want, think what i want and worship the God I want
  • a roof over my head, food to eat
  • Glee
  • cupcakes
I know there's lots more but right now I'm drawing a blank. It's been a day and my brain is frazzled, and Kira is crying again....seems like just when I start to relax one of em needs me again!

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