Saturday, November 13, 2010

real housewives of BH

So, this week was like two shows. The Real Housewives, and the Camille Show. I would love it if the Camille Show went to the Camille network and that was only beamed into Camille's house, because Camille only cares about Camille so why does anyone else need to bother w/her?

Adrienne & Kim and Taylor & Kyle went shopping. Adrienne had to leave because her uncle died, so she didn't go to NYC either. Kyle & Lisa had a session with a hypnotherapist to help them feel safer flying. The guy brought some funky machine that shows your brain waves and put it on Kyle, Lisa was dead on when she said she looked like Pocahontas in the headseat! ha

Camille arrived in NYC w/her kids and paid companions/staff/"friends". She walked around her 3,500 square foot apartment saying it was nice but small. Every other word was about how small the place is. Well, it's New York City! People have bathtubs in their living rooms there! I think she was really just saying how small it is because she knew she wasn't staying there because she knew her & Frasier were on the outs. So she was just laying the groundwork for when she hightails it back to CA.

Camille is SO BUSY that she had to get a manicure and visit her cancer stricken mother at the same time. She asks her mom how she's feeling, mom starts to answer, then Camille cuts her off with a 5 minute diatribe on how exhausted she is from having tests to see if SHE has the cancer gene. She's so tired you see, because she has 4 nannies for two kids and people to do everything for her, so she's just extra frazzled at all her extra work. Uh huh.

The other ladies arrive in NYC and Kyle takes Camille aside to squash the Vegas crap that went on. Camille still insists that Kyle said "why would anyone want you there if Kelsey's not there". Kyle denies saying this, and I believe Kyle. From everything we've seen of Camille, she craves attention and sympathy, and this is her way of getting it. She has no idea how to have an actual relationship or conversation with another human so she has to make up drama. She was totally baiting Kyle at the dinner, continually poking at her until she blew up. That does not mean you "win" Camille, that means you're a sociopath.

Next week Taylor threatens Kim with "going out back and going Oklahoma" on her ass, whatever that mean. Are we supposed to think girls from Oklahoma know how to fight or something???

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  1. LOVE IT that you gave a "Housewives Tribute" lol! This weeks episode was Crazy Cammile hour for sure. No wonder Frasier dumped her ha! My Favs are Lisa and Kyle!