Thursday, November 18, 2010


Not like anyone needs to know, but here's what I thought about this week's show...

  • camille creates a sh&tstorm at dinner then walks away- the ladies looked shell shocked. you could tell it probably would have been a fun trip if Camille wasn't there.
  • let me hold up my iphone-Camille played Kyle's (very nice) vm for her two "real friends" who are being paid by Frasier while they were doing her hair & makeup. Not really sure why she felt the need to do that. Other than she's a complete lunatic.
  • fish lip irony-taylor used the phrase "blown out of proportion". i just think that's really funny.
  • pretty presents-Kim gives the ladies a really pretty bracelet at brunch the next day, but you can tell she doesn't really know how to express what she wants them to mean. Taylor takes it but has this stink face on and TH's that Kim didn't give it to her with an apology. I don't get what her problem is with Kim but it's not pretty on her. (neither are her lips)
  • ever met this kid?-Russell trying to make a meal for his daughter was painful. It was pretty obvious that he never spends time with her. At four years old she's already figured him out and dismissed him. Russell will be hearing the phrase "just leave the walllet" come out of her mouth soon enough.
  • oooh girfriend-Mauricio swimming with his girls was totally cute. When he was asking the older one about boys and he goes "ooooh, girlfriend", that was so adorable!
  • underlining issue- the genius Camille says the "underLINING" issue with Kyle is that she's jealous. In the history of time, has anyone ever said "you're just jealous of me!" and it sounded okay?
  • did she really just do that?-when the ladies arrived at the show it looked like Camille smiled and said "Hi Kyle", then immediately scowled at her and turned her back. It was so weird I had rewind and see if it really just happened.
  • frasier didn't want cami company-after the show when Camille goes backstage, could that have been any more awkward? She shoves her way into that little room, and he basically says "thanks for showing up but you can get out now".
  • lisa's purple dress-she wears a purple dress with the flowers across the top for one of her talking it!
  • in the club-camille comments how good kim's drink is, even though in Vegas she claimed she doesn't drink (in the next episode she is drinking lots o wine with her "friends" at dinner) WTF
  • kim trying to put it out there-in the limo ride when the ladies are talking about how they miss their hubbies Kim was trying to share how she felt in Las Vegas, but she's so nervous she forgot to mention she was talking about Vegas. i really feel for her...I would be very intimidated by that group of women too.
  • big gates-does anyone else find it so strange that lisa and adrienne live in a regular's just that they have giant houses? to me those big a$$ houses should be out in the country or something, not on a regular street next door to other giant a$$ houses. watching adrienne walk up to those giant gates, in her giant heels...i wonder what it would be like to have that life. i'd like to try it for a day or so :)
  • tea time-did anyone else think it was cute how Cedric was in on the gossip session with Adrienne? does anyone else find him totally yummy in those cardigans? he's like a hot hobbit...i have a thing for hobbits
  • weekEND-i like the way Lisa pronounces weekend like "weekEND"
  • pecking order? -Camille comes out with some crap about there being a "pecking order", and her husband is higher on it than Kyle's husband. I thought Camille was all about coming "out of Frasier's shadow", but she's trying to argue that she's better than someone because of her husband's work? If there WAS a pecking order Kyle would be above Camille because Kyle is an actual working actress, has a beautiful family that she actually takes care of, a husband who actually loves her and friends who actually like her and aren't there just to kiss her ass. Camille is an ex-prostitute who danced on Club Mtv. She also got to be on Frasier once. Now that her marriage is over...I would so love to hear about her pecking order theory now!

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