Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"real" housewives of BeverlyHills

Yes, I have been sucked into this franchise as well! I wasn't sure if the Beverly Hills ladies would be interesting, but they have been pretty entertaining so far! The wives are:

Taylor-She openly admits she married her husband for the things he can give her not the love he bestows upon her. On the latest episode they go on a "fun, couples getaway" and the guy can't even stay with her for an entire day. She also has ginormous lips. She looks like she was pretty before she had those horrible things sewn on to her face. I felt really bad for her when she was hanging with the girls in Vegas and he comes over and basically poops on the party. He couldn't say "Have fun I'm going to bed?" SHE couldn't say "I'll be up later?" I guess all those expensive shopping sprees in her bedroom are worth it.

Adrienne-I love this lady, probably because she has all brothers, and I have all brothers. She wears some kind of shiny plastic extension thingies in her hair. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. They appear to have a real relationship, and that makes me like them. She's not all "Oh my husband is the greatest man on earth and we are so in LUUUUVVVV", she's like "My husband is a pain in the ass but so am I and I love him". I like that in the opening credits she says "Money is what I have, not what I am". With her kind of $$$ she could be saying "You can't take it with you" like Jeana or "I want money and I want power" like Vicki or "I don't keep up wuth the Joneses, I AM the Joneses" like Nene. All three of those examples are also divorced now! Huh...

Kim-When I first saw the commercial with her saying "I was quite famous" I was like "no you weren't because I don't recognize you". Then I saw the old clips of her, and she WAS in everything when I was little! She was in so many Disney movies, after school specials, TV shows...she was everywhere. I feel pretty bad for her. Not having a man doesn't mean she has to be lonely, but it seems like she thinks it does. It would be nice to see her make some true friends, but I don't think that's going to happen on this TV show. The other ladies seem too high maintenence or busy or self involved to take the time to get to know someone like Kim who is not "in your face" with her personality.

Kyle-Kyle has long hair, she's sassy, she has 4 lovely daughters and a pretty handsome hubby. I absolutely loved when they were dancing in Vegas and she scootched herself in between Camille and her husband like "uh uh honey, that's not gonna happen". Then in her talking head when she goes "If anyone gets near my husband I'll" then made claws and a hissing sound. I do think she's a bit fed up with her sister Kyle, but I don't know what it's like to have a sister so...I can only watch I guess. I also loved how one of her daughter's eyes got glazed over when that giant chocolate Easter bunny showed up at brunch.

Lisa-How gorgeous is this woman? I love that she is so stinking rich but still dresses like a normal person around the house. But always looks totally glamourous at the same time of course! She has a personal Chocolatier (I am so far away from that I had to google the word to make sure I spelled it correctly) and some cute gay guy living with her. Seems like her house is so big a couple people could hide out and she'd never know it! She has just the right amount of snark to her, but she's not bitchy. She's funny. I really liked the pink dress she wore to the Jay-Z concert.

Camille-Before this show all I knew about her was she was married to Kelsey Grammer and has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. On the first episode when the women were talking about their kids, she says she used a surrogate to have her two, but doesn't explain why. I guess it's nobodie's business why, but it was odd that she didn't give the reason since she was sharing info. It makes me think she just didn't want to carry them,which I guess is fine...but now they have two nannies each and she has time to play tennis with cute dudes. Every five seconds she's talking about Kelsey, but every ten seconds she's talking about how she wants to be known as herself, not "Kelsey Grammer's wife". I think it's totally hilarious how she still dances like it's 1993. I guess my moves will look old when I'm old, so whatever...but I won't be on TV show! The latest episode ended with her picking some ridiculous fight with Kyle, so I don't like her. Her coy act is really getting old and it's only episode 3.

So that's my take on the "ladies"! For the most part I like them all and find it very entertaining to watch. Thank you Andy Cohen!

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  1. I am soooooo glad to hear that I'm not the only one sucked in to this show. Not gunna lie... I kinda LOVE it!