Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a riley quiz

I asked Riley these questions, here are his answers as a 3 year old.....he also told me what colors to change each line to!

Riley's Favorites
color: blue
Movie: Mickey Mouse
thing to do: ABCs, sing, play on the computer, color, go to the park, scooter
food: Chicken Nuggets
book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
friend: Ethan
place to go: the mall
person to hang out with: Mommy (I swear this was his answer!)
Superhero: SuperWhy
snack: popcorn
Favorite friend to come over: Ethan
thing to sleep with: white blanket, blue nigh nigh & heart pillow
babysitter: Gramma
thing play with Kira: toys!
Daddy's favorite thing to do: working
Mommy's favorite thing to do: type on the computer
Kira's favorite thing to do: cry & play with Riley

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