Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Fun

We had a great day yesterday. Things got started a little later than we expected but that was ok. It was just us plus my mom and Uncle Danny so we could be flexible with the times. We wanted his cousins to come and celebrate with us but one was sick and the other two are in Palm Desert, CA for the weekend. Next year he'll have a proper party but I think he was just fine with being the star of the day!

We started at Smeeks in downtown Phx. This store is just SO CUTE. It's kind of like walking into a gingerbread house. It has tons of different candies and lots of fun novelty stuff. It was hard to watch Riley and look at everything at the same time. It's the kind of place you want to have time to just hang out in, because there's so much stuff!

Next we had lunch at this really fancy place, COSTCO. :) My original plan was to have Scott take Riley to the park while I went to Costco and got a pizza to bring to the park...but we were all pretty hungry by then so we just ate there. I've been craving that pizza since then so thank you Costco! Apparently Kira loves your pizza because I never thought it was that great before.

After lunch we headed to Encanto Park. Riley & Uncle Danny like to fish so they did that for a bit. Then we took Riley to the little rides area of the park, called Enchanted Island. He only ended up going on one ride, the bumper boats. He wanted to ride the roller coaster, but was too impatient to wait in line. Then he got on the little airplane ride, but when the guy was going around making sure the seatbelts were done right he asked to get down. I guess he was nervous to be on it by himself? Maybe next time he'll be up for it. After that he played pinball and video games while I had nachos & an icee. I swear I am the cheapest date because nachos w/that totally fake orange cheese product and an icee make me so happy! Sure I'll take a filet mignon but if you offer me nachos, I'm yours.

We did cupcakes and presents then played until we were ready to go home. It was a long and tiring day but it was really fun! I'm sure I would have been more energetic if I wasn't carrying this baby girl around my midsection.

here's some pics!

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  1. Aww~ happy b~day to Riley! Looks like such a fun day! Love that store~ wish we had one here in NY!