Friday, March 5, 2010

i have a 3 year old!

Happy Birthday to my Riley Scott!!!
Today you are THREE YEARS OLD

It's hard to believe you started out like this
so tiny, not even 5 pounds when you were born! preemie diapers were too big and we fed you from the tiniest little bottle that looked like a beaker from chemistry class. you had to stay in the NICU for seven days before we could take you home.

Soon enough you were home and growing like a weed!

This little bunny was your first favorite toy. For some reason you would just grin and giggle at thought he was the best!

Your first Halloween were most interested in trying to get that strap in your mouth

Second Halloween, that head piece was too floppy for your liking!

And third Halloween, you looked SO CUTE as Captain America!

You're a big kid now and one of your favorite things to do is have chicken nuggets at McDonald' LOVE to play with other kids!

Other things you are up to....
  • you LOVE the alphabet and letters. i hear you singing the alphabet about 10 million times a day, possibly more. you can sing it to match any tempo or beat.
  • you love playing in water. when you go to grandma's house the first thing you have to do is go in her backyard and water all her plants
  • you are getting the hang of potty training. we're not there yet, but we're making progress!
  • you are a chatterbox. whenever we go anywhere you are usually jibber jabbering away and people think it's hilarious.
  • you are very good at sharing. you always let other kids play with your toys...I think you're just happy to be playing with other little people!
  • you're really big and tall. no one ever believes you are the age you are. i can hardly believe it myself
  • i have a feeling you are going to be an excellent big brother.
  • just like mama, you love CANDY
  • you love to sing. when you're not concentrating on the alphabet i hear you humming little tunes to yourself as you play.
  • your favorite "celebrities" are Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Dora, the Imagination Movers and everyone from Yo Gabba Gabba
  • your memory is ASTOUNDING. you were talking about Fireworks from the 4th of July until after Halloween. if I need to remember something, I can tell you to remind me and you'll actually do it...this makes me proud of you and sad for my poor mommy brain.
  • you are a great kitchen helper. you like to "read" the recipes and get me each ingredient. this works best when there are pictures of each item, like when we make cupcakes :)

All in all, you are the best three year old a mama could ask for!

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