Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthdays

March is chock full of birthdays in my family! Today is my dad's (and Dr. Suess), Riley and Scott's Aunt Cheryl's (his other mother) is on Friday, my Grandma on my mom's side is next week, and my Uncle Danny's is also in there somewhere! And I happen to be 34 weeks pregnant, and I have a feeling this girl would like to be a March baby too. So I'm sure eventually there will be one big "March Birthdays" party for everyone because this is just crazy! I guess people in my family get more amorous in the summertime...I know this baby was the result of lots of swimming! ha! Ladies out there who want to get preggo that is my advice, go swimming with your man.

Speaking of Riley's bday being Friday, it's going to be a fun day! We're taking him to a vintage candy store in downtown Phoenix called Smeeks. I've never been there but everything I've read about it has been ravingly positive...plus it matches the crown I won for him!

After that we're going to Enchanted Island at Encanto Park. It's a little spot at the park where they have kiddie rides like those little cars that just go in a circle...little boats that go in a circle...a merry go round...nothing too exciting! Perfect for three year olds. This place has been around since before I was born. I guess I should feel old bringing my own kid to celebrate his birthday but I'm just excited for it! Seeing my nieces and nephews grow up...that makes me feel old. Weird huh?

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