Thursday, March 4, 2010

potty time

Riley will be THREE tomorrow! He's starting to get the hang of potty training :) Yesterday he woke up w/a dry diaper and immediately wanted to go peepee on the potty, and boy did he! I was sooo proud. He went a couple more times yesterday, then wanted to go again first thing today. Very happy mama here. I keep telling him when his baby sister gets here he won't be "allowed" to wear diapers because only one kid per house can be in them. When I say this he completely ignores me but I know he hears it! He has a way of totally ignoring what he doesn't want to hear, it's going to be really obnoxious when he gets older if he keeps it up!

Today we're going to a cake supply store. I've heard nothing but good things so I'm totally geeked. I want to find something fun for Riley's bday cupcakes. Two things that my kids will have every birthday no matter what is balloons and cupcakes!

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