Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sent off a baby

No not a real child, one of my books. Well I guess it's my client's book now, until she gives it to the birthday girl on Saturday. I'm always nervous when I send out a book because I don't know if the person is going to like it. When I do custom orders I ask for color choices or themes, but I've never had anyone say "You HAVE to do this on the front and you HAVE to do that on page three". Usually they give me a general idea but say "Just do what you do". This is awesome because I get to be totally creative and flattering that people trust me to make something nice...but at the same time I'm always wondering if what I come up with lives up to what the person had in their mind when they made the order.

I'm extra nervous about the book I sent today because it doesn't match the theme of the birthday party. The deadline for this one was pretty short so I wasn't able to search for enough paper & accents to make a whole book that would match the party. I really liked the colors too, I would have loved to make a book specifically for the party...but it didn't happen. So I'm wondering if the one I did will be good enough.

My next project is already underway, it's a semi-superman theme! Lots of red & blue and boy stuff. Very cool. :)

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