Tuesday, March 30, 2010

she's here! she's here! she's here!

My beautiful Princess decided to arrive in a hurry on Sunday morning. I went to bed feeling crampy Saturday night, but I figured I would go to my weekly appointment Monday and be sent to Labor & Delivery from there. WRONG! I woke up at around 5am Sunday and contractions were already less than 5 minutes apart. I woke Scott and Riley up, we got in the truck, and I told Scott we needed to go to the ER closest to our house, which is not the hospital I was registered to deliver at. But I was IN PAIN and I just knew I couldn't make it to our hospital because it is a good 20 minutes away. Scott has already delivered one of our children, I don't need him to do it again on the side of the road in a Jeep Cherokee!

The ER is only a few minutes down the road from us. I walk in and tell them I'm in labor. A nurse comes to get me and says "You're in the wrong place girl". I tell her I know, but the baby is coming NOW. She says they don't deliver babies there, they don't have an OB dept. WELL EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING!! I thought an EMERGENCY ROOM was a place for medical emergencies, like HAVING A BABY????? I honestly couldn't believe she was being so weird about me being there. They have a sign right next to the entrance that says "We accept newborn infants". So they're fine if you want to drop one off but not really into the idea of letting you give birth there.

So I get into the room and on the bed and I am experiencing some serious pain. I asked for medication and they said no, because they don't really "do" babies there. Again, I have no idea what kind of ER doesn't have pain meds...but whatever. Tons of people were scrambling everywhere trying to get all the baby stuff ready. Some nurse is telling me to think of the pain like climbing a mountain. They're telling me to pant, breathe deep, whatever. Oh, this whole time Scott had to be in the waiting room with Riley. I was still asking for drugs and they just kept saying no, they had to wait for my Dr. to get there because they couldn't have the baby sedated.

My water broke. I thought I had the baby because it felt like something big came out...but that wasn't her. My Dr. arrived right after that and we started pushing. Well, I thought I was pushing but since I was SCREAMING in pain too Doc tells me I'm yelling, not pushing. So I gave it one good push and she was out. I am surprised I didn't pass out from the pain, it was excruciating. I'm not going to lie and say "Oh, you forget as soon as they hand you your baby". Yes it is worth it but do I not remember it? No way jose! This whole pregnancy I've been planning on having an epidural so I was not prepared to go natural AT ALL. I had no idea she would want to come out so dang fast!! I should have gone to the hospital on Saturday night instead of going to bed, but nothing I can do about that now, ha!

So once Kira was born we were both taken by ambulance to the hospital I was supposed to deliver at. They took us to a room in Labor & Delivery, even though I had already done that part :) When the ambulance guys wheeled me in to the room Kira was already there with Scott, Riley & my mom. Kira had to stay under the warmer for a little while. Then I finally got to hold my little princess! She is just perfect and precious and I love her so much already. She's already given me a few smiles...I know they're just involuntary facial movements but she makes a smiley face quite a bit! More than Riley did. I think she's going to be a sunny little girl.

The second hospital was SOOOOO much better than where I delivered. All the nurses, aides, even the cafeteria lady was so nice! They were constantly asking if they could get me anything. Everyone was just awesome there. I was tempted to stay the full two days just to get waited on a little bit longer but it's really boring being in there. I guess it wasn't too bad, since I had TV, my laptop, WiFi, my phone and family visiting...but it still feels boring. Plus my nesting really starts as soon as I actually HAVE the baby. Since I've been home I've cleaned tons of stuff that I've been meaning to clean this whole time, and I'm ready to do more today. I have a big to do list so I better get started!


  1. Love this story Jenn, it sounds pretty funny now although I am pretty sure you were not thinking so at the time. I am just happy that it all turned out good. She is beautiful, I soooooo can't wait to meet her! Love you guys! Jhen, Tony & Lil

  2. Wow, what a great story. Sorry the ER was not a good place but sounds like the new hospital made up for it!

  3. Yeah for Baby Kira! I am so glad that she is healthy and smiley.