Wednesday, February 24, 2010

easter dreaming

I am looking forward to Easter because Kira will be here by then and I'll be able to wear something in my OWN SIZE! Also Easter is just a fun time. I love ham & deviled eggs & potato salad. Easter egg hunts. Chocolate rabbits!

Here's a few things I've thought would be cute for Easter Sunday...

I wore rompers when I was in 4th grade so I feel a little funny about them now...but I think this is really cute! (and I may be the only one) Scott has already given it a NO vote because it's "ugly and too 80's". We'll see!

This looks like an easter egg :)

I love this one from Old needs a belt but it is so cute & retro!

Sorry the pic is so small, but isn't this adorable? It's from WALMART, of all places! The website there isn't a store within 50 miles of me that carries it, and the only size & color available on the website is an XS Indigo. So I'm going to keep my eye on this one because I looove it in the color pictured and it's only $18!

I don't do strapless but I really like the plaid on this one. It's also a little too fancy for my family gathering, but what the heck. I will be celebrating having a new daughter and my body back so why not, right?? :P

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  1. I LOVE rompers, but they are no good for gals like me who hold their weight in the thighs. Scarey! I love seeing them on other people!