Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today was a busy day! Riley went over to swim with his Grandma Nancy & Aunt Cheryl around lunchtime. I worked on scrapbooks for a couple hours then it was time to take Kira to her one month appointment. She did great until she had to get a shot...that was not good! I haven't heard her scream like that in a long time! :( I'm wondering if she'll sleep longer tonight because of it~wouldn't that be nice?

Tonight my mom went with the kids and me to a screening of "Babies". I thought it was about baby animals. It is about baby humans! ha It's about 4 different babies from birth til probably 1 year. I still haven't looked it up and I should have before we went, because Riley was not great in it. It was his first movie but it was a documentary with really no dialogue so of course he lost interest after about 45 minutes. Next time we'll see something more his style like Toy Story 3. We left after an hour. Riley didn't have a nap today and it was after 8pm so we didn't really expect him to last the whole time.

The movie is actually very sweet. There are a couple scenes that are just hilarious. The baby in Mongolia somehow gets ahold of a roll of printer paper (like for a cash register, and these people do not look like they own any type of electronics so it's so odd that they even have this in their home which is a round hut type thing) and of course he unwinds it and unwinds it and unwinds it...when he finally gets the actual roll of paper he starts eating it, and he's just so proud of himself. It's so funny and cute.

Speaking of funny & cute!

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