Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am up WAY too early, once again. I can't seem to get back to sleep after Kira's 4:30 feeding. It is nice to have some quiet time, but I know I'm going to be yawning all day if I don't get my shut eye.

Tomorrow is Easter :) We'll be @ my mom's house for ham & potato salad, one of my favorite meals ever. I've tried to find something super frilly for Kira to wear but haven't had any luck. She's so tiny that even newborn stuff is still pretty big on her. Walmart & Target apparently don't carry Preemie size anymore or they get snatched up real quick because I didn't find ANYTHING in that size. And I'm not going to Babies R Us and pay way too much for something she's going to wear a few hours and probably spit up on :P It's not like you can dress a newborn to NOT look cute anyway! They're so cute!

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