Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a weekend

I am glad it is Sunday night! Well I'm glad it's bedtime. When you're a SAHM you don't really have "weekends" and it being Sunday night doesn't really mean anything for us yet. Daddy will have to go to work tomorrow but it's not like I have to get lunches made or homework checked or anything like that yet.

So this weekend was a doozy anyway. On Friday my mom let us keep this tiny little chihuahua she found wandering the neighborhood of one of her rental properties. He was soooo cute! We kept him for the weekend to see if we wanted to be his new family. Scott and Riley were really falling in love with him, but today the owner called my mom and he is now home again. He was a super adorable little thing, but I have a super adorable little daughter to take care of now as well as a super adorable and RAMBUNCTIOUS 3 year old...and I wasn't really feeling up to taking on one more thing to care for. Love dogs, but not right now! lol

Yesterday I was all over the place. I dropped Riley off @ my mom's so he could play over there for a few hours. I came home and cleaned although it totally doesn't look like it right now...strange how that happens. Then I went back to pick him up. Then I realized I didn't have my phone w/me so I went BACK over there...but it turns out I had left my phone @ Michael's earlier in the day! So I had to go to the lady's house that found my phone to get it. Then grocery shopping. Then home again. I was BEAT!

Kira's doing that baby thing of waking up about 2am and wanting to have party time for an hour or so...not good! I'm hoping she starts realizing daytime is for partying and night time is for sleeping like THIS WEEK. If I could sleep in as long as I wanted to (or even just a little) it might be ok, but Riley gets up at 7 most days and if I've gone to bed @ 11, up again @ 2, asleep again around 3:30....that's not good sleep. Eventually I'll get used to the wonky schedule but right now I'm in that "adjustment period" so I'm SLEEPY most of the time.

BUT this is my last baby so I'm enjoying every second of her being teeny tiny and all that newborn goodness. She is so beautiful and I'm still just totally entranced by her.


  1. I love cupcakes and cherry cokes from Sonic too! We moved to Oregon from Phoenix 4 years ago. I miss the desert!

  2. I love what you said about SAHM's not having a weekend really--it's true! :) The good part is that our husbands can help on the weekends!