Sunday, April 4, 2010

one week old

Kira is one week old today. Feels like she's been here alot longer! But I also can't believe that she is here. After we lost Aiden I thought I'd never get pregnant again. Then Riley came along :) Then I got pregnant again, and I was so happy...but that ended in a miscarriage. So again, I thought I'm never going to have another healthy pregnancy much less baby. But now we made it, we have our little girl. She's here, and she's awesome. I just stare at her and stare at her and wonder how I got to be so lucky. I already felt like a super lucky mom to have Riley. He's such a great kid. Now I have my little princess and life just seems too sweet.

Tonight Kira cried really bad for the first time ever, and it just about broke my heart. She was really gassy and looked like she was in such pain...of course once she pooped she was perfectly content again. Sorry if this is TMI but this is my life now, ha! I have young kids so poop is just part of the deal.

Riley and Kira were both showered with gifts today. Everyone brought little adorable outfits for Kira and fun toys for Riley, it was so nice. He thinks the Easter Bunny and Santa both live @ the North Pole.

I just remembered we brought ham & potato salad home from mom's, and I am hungry. Hope you had a great Easter too!

Riley @ South Mountain Park. The flowers are blooming and it's SOOO pretty!
One of my mom's *three dogs*...this one's Skipper and although he looks like a Shnauzer, he's a Yorkie! And he's always MOVING!

I just love colored eggs. :)

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