Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well nobody mentioned that having a preschooler and an infant would be so much work! Just kidding. I knew it would be work but I think we're adjusting. I am feeling the guilt of not being able to pay as much attention to Riley, but what can ya do. If you want to have kidS, that's just part of the deal. He was always a pretty independent kid so not having 100% of mom's attention has never been a huge issue. He does tell me that I'm never allowed to go to the hospital again, like overnight. He says "You just hafta stay here". So it makes me feel good to know that he missed me.

Kira is just the perfect baby. She hasn't cried since that time on Sunday night. She'll give a little yelp in the night when she's hungry or if she's wet, but she doesn't full on wail. Oh, I take that back. When she gets a bath, she is not happy. She really doesn't like to be cold, just like her parents!

I'm having a Sip & See for her on the 25th. Seeing all these beautiful parties all over blogland, I have been DYING to do one myself! There are so many great ideas out there I'm not sure which ones to use. I don't want it to get all out of hand w/the DIY projects because I realize I need time to sleep!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I am looking forward to seeing pictures from your sip and see!

    I live in Phoenix too! I am following you now!