Sunday, April 18, 2010

feeling inadequate!

Not really, but just a little. Reading other people's blogs can be hazardous to your self esteem. There are so many moms out there who are better @ stuff, keep a cleaner house, know how to decorate so cute, make homemade things that I would much rather just buy @ the store...but I should be making it myself!

This week is Kira's party. Well, in one week exactly I guess I should say. I have an idea of the food I want to make, but for decorations I'm kind of stuck. I have tons of ideas but that little things called money...not so much. I think I'm going to "shop" my mom's house and see what we can come up with. Luckily she has lots of random things stashed everywhere! lol

Right now I'm listening to Riley sing to himself, and it's just about the cutest thing ever. He's just making up little songs...just now he went "I will eat it!" and made a chomping noise. He has such a crazy imagination, I love it!

My friend Jenifer sent us a box of ADORABLE stuff for Kira. She makes bows and she sent us four...I can't wait to get them on this little girl! I'm really lucky to have such wonderful girlfriends. You can see some of Jen's bows here, at her etsy shop!


  1. Hi! I hope your daughter has a great birthday party. My trick is Dollar Tree. I've heard $5 and Under is good too. I look for paper banners and random little things like crazy straws. The paper flowers I used were actually leftover Easter decorations. This year I ordered a cake from the grocery store (I usually try to make one on my own because it's less expensive) then I bought a dozen cupcakes for about $10 already frosted and popped cherries on top myself. I never do party favors, no theme--just Dollar store decor and a few special things. Afterwards there was not a person at the party covered in pink icing. ;)

  2. Oh and i'm just realizing I said birthday party and I meant "one week party!" that is so wonderful! :) She is precious!

  3. I have to share with you a secret I've learned from blogging and having blog friends- every blog mom feels inadequate- even the ones that look perfect.
    The ones that are "better" in some areas completely suck at the others. The blogs where everything looks perfect- it just looks that way because of course they aren't going to take a real picture to show the world. They still have moldy stuff in their fridges and french fries under their car seats and their kids are probably suffering from mom on the internet neglect. I know, I know some of them and I am one ;).

    Congrats on your new baby! She's adorable.