Monday, December 20, 2010

argh, inception!

***If you don't want to know details of this movie, don't read this!!!***

I watched Inception for the first time last week and I just cannot stop thinking about that ending! There are so many theories about what actually happened in the movie and what the ending means. The director himself says that there is a definite answer, but he's not telling. THAT bugs me. If he wanted it to be completely ambiguous he needs to say "It's supposed to be up to your own interpretation". But he doesn't say that, he says there is a yes or no but he wants everyone to be burning up the internet talking about what they think happened. Other than the open ending, I really love the movie. But not knowing what it all really was feels like a big F You from Mr. Nolan.

So what do you think? Was the entire thing just a dream that Cobb had on the plane? Was he still dreaming at the end? Was it straightforward and they completed the job and Cobb was in the 'real world' with his kids at the end?

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  1. hmmm interesting. I didn't realize Nolan said that, I assumed it was supposed to be ambiguous (as you'll see from my response to your post on my blog) and that's what I liked about it.