Thursday, December 16, 2010

one of those days!

When the first thing your son says to you in the morning is "Mom, can you wash my hands?" that's a clue to bury your head under your pillow and go back to sleep. Yesterday I caught Riley just as he was about to make a big ol mess with FOOD COLORS. But he hadn't opened anything yet so it was ok. I put them way high up where I thought they'd be safe. Here's another clue:when you're hiding things from your mischevious boy, don't let him watch you do it. This morning he got his little chair and some boxes and climbed right up to where they were hidden and got them down. He squeezed out the entire bottle of green and some of the yellow on his floor and was finger painting in his water color coloring book. Needless to say his hands are completely green, his legs are pretty green, and he's got splotches on his face where he was probably scratching or whatever. Luckily I was able to clean all of it off the floor but the grout will have to be redone.

Of course today I was planning on having the kid's picture taken with santa. I decided to try and get that done even though I have half a green kid. We get to the mall and Riley refuses to go in the Santa area. He would stand outside and wave at him, and say hi, but he would not go in. The mall is run by money hungry bastards who won't even let you take pictures AROUND the Santa area. You can't even be in the chairs around Santa and have his seating area in the HAVE TO PAY for that privalege! Is that not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard in your life? It really irks me that the Santa Picture people are so greedy. Ugh.

So after that I tried to have my dad take some pictures of the kids just sitting on a bench w/some poinsettias behind them...neither one of them were having it. Kira was totally sleepy and Riley just wanted to get to the play area. Finally I just gave up and got him to the playground and let him play. He loves going to the play area but he's alot bigger than the other kids, and he plays rough. Every single time I tell him he needs to play nice, and not touch other kids, etc, and every single time he does it anyway. Today was no exception. I'm watching him play and he cut in front of some little kids to go down a slide so I go over and tell him he needs to play nice and all that. Two minutes later I see him on a different slide, pulling another kid down by his collar, and the kid is crying. So that was the end of playground time! I think he lasted 5 minutes total on the playground. I feel really bad because he loves playing with other kids but he will not get it into his head that he can't play so rough with them! I do not know what to do about this problem. After the holidays he will be starting preschool and I pray that he's not sent home after his first day with a note that says 'riley can't come back'. This was one of my fears, having 'the bad kid' in the classroom!

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